July 15, 2009

quiet time . . .

quietness has crept into every corner of this wee house
just old bear & me. . . . a little too quiet . . my old bear by ruthie for my two have been far away avisiting
perhaps that is why i was inspired to do "the hug"below!
the hug by ruthie
i have moved my own studio about (again)
but oops i didnt do my back much good . . . leaving my lovely mom to paint the "red-den" studio
& put up the hanging rails & dad to lay the new floor!
(photos to follow very soon)

at last i began working on some of my "family tree" ideas
so fascinated by geneology & tracing lines far back into history
names of folks long forgotten patiently waiting to be found
but, oh i could do with a little help, please if you could...
can you follow the family links on my tree
or are they a bit confusing?????


  1. Hi ruthie,

    Your artwork is very beautiful indeed! Magical, vivid and thought provoking. Your style feels very personal. I also like the texts and reflections a lot.

    Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog. :)

  2. I enjoy quiet time and enjoyed a wee bit of quiet time with you.

  3. I love your paintings, old bear is gorgeus!
    good luck with the family tree my husbands uncle does a lot of that, he has gone years back on his side.
    felicity xx

  4. Anonymous15/7/09 16:21

    The Hug is so beautiful! I do love your work. Wish I could be there for the big opening!!

  5. Aww, I love the bear, Ruthie. And your family tree idea is interesting.

    You take care - 'think back'.

  6. Oh wow, that family tree is incredible!

  7. Hi Ruthie. Your old bear is gorgeous! I'm quite partial to the odd bear, a favourite of mine and he has such character! What a great way to show and discover your family tree. Happy searching! Hugs xx

  8. Ruthie, my God I love it.

    I am shocked you have kids that age. I had Angelique when I was just about to turn 20 and I look like a total crone.

    You are gorgeous Ruthie.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. Hello Ruthie
    the family tree is looking very special...and your art work so entrancing...
    The hug is very Klimt like...

    Happy days

  10. what wonderful art work, what a lovely work space, how lucky to have mom and dad's help. do you do ATCs? would love to swap with you...

  11. Jenny - thank you, i love that you think my work is thought provoking & magical.

    Gramma Ann - lovely to share some quiet time with you. we all need it once in a while dont we.

    Felicity - we have managed to go backquite a long way on ours too, i find all the research fascinating.

    jumbleberryjam - thank you, i wish you could be here too!

    Alaine - im thinking back hee hee, and asking remembering to ask for help with "back" unfriendly tasks x

    Elegant snobbery - thank you, i am itching to get it finished. I hope to do a series of them & offer a service of drawing up folks family trees for them .

    Lesley - i do love old bears too, this one is my oldest, he has been with me since day one (apparently)& he has been very well hugged.

    Renee - you are such a sweetie, thank you & i dont for one minute expect you look anything like an old crone! even your writings are very beautiful x

    Delwyn - thank you! klimt is one of my all time faves!

    Soulbrush - i am very lucky, and as yet i have never done any ACT's, but i would love too! (though i have to admit this is all very new to me, could you explain a little more, please)

  12. Bears just have something special about them, don't they?

    My little guy loves his bears best - and right now he has fuzzy bear, brown bear, wooly bear and curly bear. They all sleep with him :)

    It melts my heart. *sigh*

  13. atc cards are so easy and quick to make....2.5"x3.5" is the only stipulation, you can do anything on them, paint, draw,paste, sew etc...email me
    and we'll chat.

  14. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I love your blog, and from your profile we have such similar taste in books, movies and music :)

    Kim x

  15. Anonymous20/7/09 21:03

    Such a fantastic idea, I love the way you have designed this tree, very musical!
    My two art muses are Jane DesRosier and Sarah Kiser. Sarah is on my side bar to link to her blog. Both names will come up in the search engine.
    Hope you have a great tour, they are fabulous artists.
    Have a great day and thank you so much for your messages, they are always lovely to read!

  16. There is nothing confusing about your family tree, only charm and beauty. Hug is wonderful too. Hope your back feels well soon!

  17. Hello From Michigan. I love the design of your family tree. I do not find it confusing at all. I also love your painting and your new garden pathway. I am soon to start a pathway soon too. Yours has inspired me. Hugs Judy In rainy Michigan


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