July 14, 2009

masquerade . . . by kit williams

a programme on the radio today
about the book "masquerade" (do you remember it?)
bought back happy memories
the beautifully illustrated "masquerade"
by kit williams was published in 1979
it was a tale of the moon & her love for the sun
hidden amongst the wonderful paintings were
clues to a real treasure hunt to find a golden hare
i was 17 back then & enthralled by this unique book
mom & i spent hours trying to solve those riddles.
you can read this amazing books tale here
in '82 a second book "untitled"was published
this riddle being to find the books name
i treasure my precious copies of both books
for their exquisite paintings,
the incredible details & hidden clues
& because it was these very books that
began my fascination with allegory & symbolism
(though now both out of print, it is possible to find copies still)


  1. Oh, I had forgotten these!! thanks for the reminder. I must go search them out again now!! They really are wonderful.

  2. Thanks, Ruthie for the reminder about Kit Williams' glorious books. He sent me a lovely note years ago telling me he liked one my books. I was so happy because I have spent a great deal of time lost in his books. He is a creative genius. I love your paintings and the walk way.

  3. I heard the trail but missed the programme. I think everyone tried to solve this at the time but I missed the untitled book.

  4. I have never seen these books. How could I have missed them? Thanks for bring them to my atteneion.

  5. Fascinating and beautiful books. I'm so happy I learned of them here.

    I have to find these...I am just so smitten with beautiful books... :)

  6. I remember Ruthie.


  7. Pamela, i had forgotten to, untill i heard the radio programme & have spent happy moments since pouring over them again

    richard, how wonderful to receive a note like that from a fellow illustrator whose work you admire, the perfect compliment!

    hermes, the illustrations in the 2nd book are juat as wonderful as the first!

    THe garden Ms S, these books are still availble, in fact i was browsing in a local bookshop just yesterday and found a copy of "masquerade" for £2.50! a treasure!!

  8. I tried to find these at the local library..no luck....will have to look elsewhere...they look so wonderful.

  9. Art4sol have you tried on amazon books? x

  10. Ruthie love received by the bucket loads. Thank you dear friend.

    Love Renee xoxo

  11. Très beau blog , merci des photos et de cette belle histoire !

    Une autre à la française sur mon blog :



  12. Anonymous7/10/12 10:23

    My favourite artist! xx


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