July 02, 2009

all creatures great & small

at first i think i am quite alone
yet as i work away in the garden,
these tiny creatures i find delicate ermine moth
delicately cloaked ermine moths
armour clad dor beetles
spikey caterpillars munching leaves
cockchafer beetle or may bug
"may bugs" or cockchafer beetles
distant relative of the regal scarab

garden snailsand more than plenty of . . . snails....


  1. Hello Ruthie

    your shots are beautiful... and I love to think that we are constantly accompanied by these treasures but we usually don't see them...
    I am learning to keep my eyes open wide...

    It looks like a purple bouganvillea petal in your first shot...

    Happy days

  2. A veritable Beatrix Potter story inside your own garden! Wonderful photographs. And how appropriately named is the Ermine Moth!!

    Happy Weekend to you!

  3. Your ermine moth is lovely. Moths really have a special beauty all their own, I think.

    Great photos!

  4. I love that moth! Wouldn't his wings look great on a fairy gown? Kat

  5. Perfect. The moth is pure royalty. Ruthie, you may know about this artist's work, if not visit my friend Barbara Helen Burger:

  6. Yah, we're not alone, we travel in time with all of these creatures, great or small. Aint that fun? I find that much beter than traveling alone ;-)
    I mean,; who doesn't want beautifull company?

  7. It's a whole other world that close isn't it? Thank you for the inspiration Ruthie. :)x

  8. Lovely photographs, yes all these creatures are there when you open your eyes. Been enjoying your Skye photographs on Flickr, not been for many years, feel inspired to go soon.

  9. Beautiful Pictures Ruthie!
    Have a lovely weekend x

  10. What beautiful visitors. Hope they live nicely around the plants and not eating them all.

  11. Exquisite pictures, Ruthie, thank you .

  12. Delwyn - thank you, since i made my decision last year to slow daown & open my eyes i am seeing a whole new beautiful world, the petal is indeed bouganvillea.

    Happy weekend Pamela & edward!

    the garden ms. s - moths do have a magic about them i feel i am wanting to include them in my paintings!

    Kat_rn- now theres an idea, off to find my sketchbook!

    richard i am also off to discover barbara's works -intrigued!

    milly - i so want to go right back there to skye!!

    debby & jessie - i am finding great pleasure in all the details of our world - beautiful company indeed.

    karen - thank you , my weekend plansr to completely re-arrange my studio, exciting - i love re-organising ( mad i know! lol)

    grace - i do have to keep an eye on those pesky snails, it seems there are an abundance of them this year!!

    annette - thank you too x

    have a fab weekend all x

  13. Great photos Ruthie of strange little creatures. They are beautiful when you look at them closely.


  14. Beautiful pictures, really clear.

  15. So fun to see the wonderful images of wee creatures that you have come across.

  16. Very beautiful photos of your little garden companion creatures!
    Over here we have "June bugs" who in the evenings in June bounce off the window screens!

  17. nan - june bugs! what a lovely name i shall have to discover more!!

  18. Wow! fabulous photos! I especially love the snail!

  19. Anonymous8/7/09 04:53

    These are wonderful pictures! I loved to study butterflies when I was little. It got me into good observational habits. These are just fascinating!

  20. Wow! What a lens. I love the compilation of creatures!!

  21. I love your photos - absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing :-)


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