June 22, 2009

fairie-ality and more

this book was a present from a very dear friend
she knows me oh so very well
for i loved it at once
with its tiny, delicate costumes
delicious layout & illustrations
sumptuous colours & use of all things faerieish
bringing back memories of a long ago time
designing my own children's fancy dress clothes
take a peep here faerie-ality to gasp again in delight
at the wonderful work of david ellwand,
then look forward in anticipation to the soon to be released
fairieality style book
i cannot wait to see. . .


  1. What a gorgeous looking book - is that a David Downton sketch? I love how it looks so effortless.


  2. Those are just breathtaking! Such awesome colors as those in nature!

    Thanks for sharing those!

  3. How wonderfully delicious! They are beautiful and inspiring. I could look at books like this all day.

  4. Ooh, wonderful!
    I wear dresses like these in my dreams!

  5. Brings me back to my childhood dreams of being a ballerina.

    (And I still want one of those dresses!) :)

  6. Hi celia, it is a downton sketch, beautiful isn't it!

    they are wonderful dresses, fit for faerie dreams indeed

  7. Anonymous23/6/09 19:43

    Oh what a wonderful book!

  8. Oh what fun! I especially like the hats.I will have to look further into finding my own copy!

  9. Dear Ruthie

    Don't be afraid of breast cancer but be aware of it.

    You are so lovely Ruthie and I adore you.

    Renee xoxo

  10. oh lovely book, makes me want to collect feathers and teeny tiny shells and make my own!
    yummy pictures
    felicity xx

  11. oh, thank you for posting this. I think it is a perfect gift for a friends upcoming birthday!

  12. you have just reminded me I lent this book to a friend. It was truly wondrous.

  13. What a gorgeous book, I followed the link and decided I would love to have a copy myself - shall take a look on Amazon.

  14. Hi Ruthie,
    What a fantastic looking book!
    My kind of book too with lovely illustrations.:)


  15. I have the first one, and am tickled to discover that there will be a second! Wonderful!

  16. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind compliments about my dolls. I love this book! I found it a few years back and didn't know a 2nd was coming out-yay!

  17. I loved the first book, can't wait to see the second. David Ellwand is brilliant. I can see fairies sitting around a camp fire and reading this book.


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