February 20, 2009

trees . . .

a wonderful book i am dipping in & out of just now is

for ever & always trees have fascinated me
the old lore & mysteries of these ancients
tall & majestic trunks that reach into the sky
intricate roots that cling to mossy banks
lacey pattern branches winter bare

i love photographing them, majestic & proud in all their shapes & sizes
the celtic tree for Feb-march is apparently the ash
"it is said to hold the key to healing the loneliness
of the human spirit out of touch with its origins"
after my walk . . . i feel spring is in the air


  1. Beautiful...I can't wait for the earth to open up here in Daegu...
    We were teased with spring and then it snowed and now we are teased again...the battles of the change of season...with the earth still brown...I love the images you shared...Marilyn

  2. Those are beautiful photos, the mossy tree is my favorite

  3. Trees are one of my favorite things (hence my Celtic tree alphabet series). These trees are wonderful. Are those snowdrops blooming *now* where you are? (lucky girl!)

  4. I completely agree with you, I love trees too! I love painting them.
    That book you are reading sounds interesting, I'll have to look out for it :)

  5. Trees, I love them too. I get great pleasure watching them change over the seasons and the changing light throughout the day. They hold the long old memories that us mere mortals can only envy!x

  6. Trees... what can i say? I love them just like you. They are just there standing so strong and peaceful, just watching at them makes me feel world its a secure and nice place to live. Silent guardians taking care of humans and a hundred other species around them. Your photos really show their spirit. Thank you for opening those windows on my screen.


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