February 10, 2009

Precious things 6 . . .

 my very 1st blog award!
from the sweet & inspiring Jessie Lilac
it seems i am to list 7 things i love - how difficult to decide which
so they have turned out very random indeed
typography - delicious shapes of, letters, words

the gentle eyes of velvety ponies & horses

angels and their glorious wings - this from the Burrellhand woven baskets & delicate corn dollies

hunting for old treasures - latest find, for the studio, mr O's brass top table (£2o)

wandering through old cemeteries & pondering the carvings there

finding beautiful images to photograph out on our walks.


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  2. All the best Ruthie

    visit my blog


  3. Thankyou Ruthie for this, such a beautifully illustrated post! I like those stone carvings too.:)x

  4. Thankyou Ruthie!!! xx

  5. Thanks Ruthie. I love the way you've done this with such great photos. I'll try to be inspired and see what I can come up with. :-)

  6. Hi Ruthie!
    Thank you so much for this award. I am honored to be on your list!

    Your blog is wonderful, you inspire me!

    I saw Kay Nielsen on your list of favorites on the right, one of my all time favorite illustrators!

    Michelle :)


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