February 11, 2009

the letter R . . .

precious R things.....
rocking horses & red letter days
red breasted robins & rascally rabbits
rainbows & raspberries
* * *
sayings like "right as rain" & "its raining cats & dogs"
* * *
delicious scottish words like "richt" meaning right
"rummle-gumption" meaning understanding, common-sense
* * *
do you have R words that conjure lovely thoughts . . . .


  1. Ruby, the name of a beautiful gem and the name of our little house in Devon where we sometimes go to escape the world :)x

  2. Reverie, Rembrandt (Both the Dressage horse, my Muse and the master himself) and Repin Ilya:)

  3. Rising early to find Rain drops still resting on the Rose petals.
    I guess that's 3

  4. Anonymous12/2/09 17:14

    Rum as in Rum Truffles... Hmmm!

  5. Resplendent; now that's a word.

  6. Remembrance and Rose, remembering a very beloved and special Grandmother whose name was Rose and her name continues to flourish. It lives in names of her grandchildren and great grandchildren and will continue to blossom for many generations. I also love to draw roses and the beach roses always remind me of her.

    best wishes,
    Nan and the Maine cats

  7. My favorite R word is probably *reading*!

    (Would you mind sending me your email address? I have a Scottish question to ask you).

  8. Rrrrrumpelstiltskin!

    x Rrrrima :)

  9. Thank you all for the R words, so many, i have so enjoyed receiving each & every one!! Such a variety of things too - special names & precious places, wonderful people & things galore. A special thank you to Nan - touched my heart.

    A delicious insight into the way we think - i shall do another letter v soon, may even turn into something else hmmm. watch this space x

  10. Anonymous16/2/09 08:58

    Reflections - in puddles, on windows, in the mind....
    Rum & Raisin icecream, mmmm

    Oh Ruthie, is that your own work on your sidebar, with the woman and children? I love it! I have a tarot card set I've been creating (the content) and wish i could illustrate like that (that well and that style) to finally create them!

  11. Anonymous17/2/09 19:10

    Hello, Ruthie! Thank you for your kind compliments...I love your blog, too!

    Let's see...I'm thinking of words that start with the lovely letter R...

    ~Red Roving that I like to spin on my spinning wheel~
    ~Rubies that I incorporate in my jewelry designs~
    ~Reading a book when the children are Resting!~

  12. Hey Ruthie, thanku for your reply post yesterday. Silly Sausage me replied to you on my own post, lol. Is that what people normally do or should they go back to the original blog???? My special 'R' word for today is my daughter Renee whom I just took to kinder and was clinging for dear life on my leg while all the other little whippersnappers managed to tread on my bare-footed toes OUCH! (never wear thongs with toddlers around, lol) The whole thing was quite painful actually but now I have my little 'R' on my mind. Kinder assures me that she is fine when I'm gone. Kids just love to put the 'guilt trip' on hey! lol. Hmmm, 'R' is also for Rambling and that's what I'm doing . . . soz (txt talk for 'sorry',lol) I hope to display some work tonight or at least by tomorrow. Cheers, Jules :-)

  13. Love your post and the letter R remind me of a Red Rose.

  14. Anonymous20/2/09 20:28

    Oh, I know a lady who has suffered with her arm going in spasms and shaking for years. She was diagnosed an anomoly. The doctors didn't know.
    However she went to another doctor and he tested her spine around her neck area, this started her arm going into overdrive spasms. It my be a nerve or something in the spine/neck area. I talk to her when I see her around the shops. Not seen her for around 8 weeks. I don't go out much.
    This may help to check this area.
    Hope this helps? Sorry if this as already been checked.
    Thank you for your love!
    Luv and hugs!

  15. Ofcourse =) R as in Raul, my boyfriends name haha. I just love him so much that actually R is a special letter for me. Red Romantic Love, my Romeo, my Raul. hehe im enjoying your blog =)


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