February 04, 2009

faerie folk & arty self

this has been a mottled piece of scribbled on paper tucked away in a dark corner
for oh so very long (26yrs ouch!), unfinished when my arty self got lost
occasionally when i came across it, i would promise myself that
one day when i found my arty feet again, i would finish it
i didn't always quite believe - but
it seems i kept my promise


  1. I have just discovered your site here Ruthie, and it is wonderful.I will certainly be back. Scotland is a wonderful part of the world. I was there a few years ago.

  2. That's an amazing achievement Ruthie! You must have really regained your confidence with your art. I know I couldn't have finished something from so long ago, I think I'd be scared to even get it out and look at it!x

  3. Thank you Pam for visiting & your lovely comments. This is indeed a very beautiful part of the world!

    Jessie, it seems so - doing that painting was a huge thing for me, tying of unfinished ends to the past & moving forward - got to be good!!


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