February 23, 2009

just for a wee while. . .

just sometimes, do you feel a tiny need . . .
. . . sometimes, for a little place to tuck yourself away
just to contemplate or read awhile . . .
to listen to the sounds of nature or just to be . . .
. . . i am packing up my pencils & my sketchbooks
am off to tuck myself away, for just a wee while
i shall be back very soon x
Taking myself off to Mom & Dads wee cottage
they so lovingly renvated by the coast.


  1. Have a refreshing time!

  2. Yes indeed I do. Have a lovely time and hope to see you again soon! :)x

  3. Sound great! A time to get away and relax, enjoy :)


  4. Yeah Ruthie, I feel like that everyday. My hide-away is in the backyard shed, away from the kids, but they always find me, ha ha. Hope you're ok. A break is good for recharging your batteries. A good sleep does wonders too. Think only positive thoughts when you're feeling 'yukky'. Enjoy your peace Dear. Cheers, Jules :-)

  5. I do know the feeling well. Have a wonderful, restful time!

  6. Hope you enjoy your peaceful getaway. Simply getting away from the routine tends to give a fresh look on what we have and a new appreciation.
    best wishes,

  7. thank you all for your comments, it was wonderful to be away, but its great to be back . . . oh my i missed you all!! does that make me a blog addict?? ;-)x


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