February 21, 2009

celtic trees & an inner child

a wee while ago, another
delicious design book found its way into my hands
its storytelling designs, intricate knotwork inspired me
great fun & experimenting & splashings of colour followed
(in preperation - of course- for my own set of celtic designs )
as i hope, can be told from my celtic tree of life
i remember reading somewhere once upon a time how
the ancient celts believed in our centre we each have a golden child
i think that maybe i am just beginning to discover mine
I rather like the idea of my having an inner child
that precious innocence & sense of wonder at the world
the way children open their eyes wide & really see the world around them
the tiniest details (we so often loose this ability as we get older),
wonderful sense of fun & happiness & pleasure in simple things
a child's love, purely & simply given.


  1. Anonymous22/2/09 07:35

    I agree with you about the fantastic abibity children have of seeing things so differntly than adults.I only wish we as adults could continue that special talent into our adulthood. Would the world be a differnt place to be? I like this new book about childrens fantastic talent,have a look


  2. I love this artwork! Your photos of the trees are lovely too. I took one very similar in the gorgeous sunset yesterday.

  3. We do have a golden child in each of us that shines through and brings joy. Especially when we're in the flow of creativity.
    Right at this moment however, my 11-year-old is slamming the door in a temper so Hopefully her golden child will return later!;)x


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