November 26, 2008

IF - opinion

. . . in my "opinion"
there sure are dancing, delicate faeries
at the bottom of our wee scottish garden
hiding amongst the flowers there. . .
you just have to be very quiet
& look real hard. .

November 24, 2008

new canvas

My research is all done, for my latest piece at least. As i gradually learn to slow down, i am enjoyed digging deep into nooks & crannies. Oh the fasinating books i have read, the things i have re-rediscovered - a love of the calligraphy & colours of the Lindisfarne Gospels , my fascination with iconography & medieval art (always did love art history at college), these and much more. Here is a page from my newly begun inspiration colour book , this page below to inspire . . .

. . . this canvas below. I showed the rough for this a few blogs ago & now feeling more inspired i am making progress and have begun the final BIG canvas. A new voyage of discovery of canvas & acrylics, they are as yet a mystery to me.

Another lesson that so needs re-learning, is to experiment, still having such difficulty in just letting go & exploring, there is still a little block in there somewhere, if i could only find it and fish it out. . . so today i started another, tiny, just for fun, faerieish type of canvas. . .

i have so very much to learn

November 21, 2008

Tranquility & time out

these things i love
* To be woken by early morning sunshine slipping through my windows
OO** Watching dust motes tumbling & swirling in golden beams of light
O** Slowing down and watching the world go by

* Spending time with my family ~ pure happiness
The picture above represents a moment of tranquility for me, bringing back such sweet memories of far off days. It shows my daughters & 3 of my nieces & me off walking through dappled woods - taken by my Mom.
Do you have a favourite picture or thought that makes you smile, feel warm inside?

pop up books . . .

So often over on daily art muse i come across deliciously inspiring things,
today when visiting, i found this beautiful stop-start animation by Katie Davies
it is indeed hauntingly wonderful, i love Katie's illustrations & the music by Bim
a tale told of love & loses
using another of my favourite things
a pop up book

November 20, 2008

lettering in stone . .

This is my day job . . . working sometimes for a stone mason,
lettering ancient pieces of granite & marble & painting with designs.
Sitting painting at here at work, my mind goes a wandering
thinking about all the lettering i am surrounded by
words sandblasted into surfaces, there to remain for many a long year
soft dusty sandstone richly coloured granite from near, Dalbeattie or Creetown
from afar India or China cool marble, one misguided drip of paint & the marble stain
and lettering, for generations past fonts traditionally used
have been "old english, helvetica or times new roman"
some inscriptions are silvered
some are gilded with big soft, round tipped brushes
once the size has been applied & gone off (sticky)
the gild is gently worked into every nook & cranny

a very few are still hand chiseled, mostly those old enough to have originally been done in this way. Those old pieces in need of some loving restoration or to have another line of inscription added. Hand cut or leaded letters, these slow, precise processes i love to watch. It is a skill passed down by generations of stonemasons. Sadly, technology has gradually crept in, computers & machinery can do the same job in so short a time, (though the finish will never quite match up ). . still, those craftsman's skills now mostly redundant in this line of work. So sad.
Sometimes, i get to see delicate old pieces that come in to be worked on
and i am always amazed at the skills that were used
and try to imagine the hours of patience.
 Lettering, words, quotes & sayings are humming round inside my head,
One day, i hope to work them into my paintings, decoratively tucked away within.

November 19, 2008

Ritchie Collins rich colours . .

today i spent an oh so indulgent day wandering through local galleries
there i stumbled upon and fell in love with the work of Ritchie Collins
i just had to share some of his beautiful paintings with you . . .

such rich colour & touchable texture
the images conjure magical feelings

a scottish artist born & bred, Ritchie studied painting and illustration
"His work is influenced by the Scottish coast and wild countryside.
Celtic art, myths and Scottish folklore are a constant source of inspiration."

I love that he paints images from his dreams, his memory.
It seems i am drawn to colourful works more & more
as my own painting develops

November 13, 2008

the letter P ~ painting, peonies, puppets . . .

i love shapes, sounds, words, letters
to say, to hear, to touch, to read
i find letters everywhere, see my pebble P
peace, painting, peonies, pre-raphaelite, paella
pegasus, pajamas, photography, plums, puddings
potters wheels, packages, puppets
words can paint such delicious pictures cant they . . .
what favourite p things do you love x

look at you now . . .

not 5 minutes since i sat sketching you and now...

look at you, winner of awards
well done my lovely
next. . . the scottish apprenticeship awards

November 11, 2008

distracting lovely things to do . . .

. . i am finding umteen other things to do
dreaming of beach combing for precious finds
like the delicate "pelican foot" shell up there

wishing i was out wandering the hills
picking little bundles of lucky heather
getting lost in the yummy books
that arrived from lovely rima ( thank you x)
when i should be finishing this ...
and this . . . .
and this, you know the one i started a few weeks ago!
its a terrible habit i have, if im not sure about a painting
i hesitate to finish, just leave it sitting there, waiting!
i so want this to be just right, for me

November 10, 2008

bonfire night

I love our family bonfire nights  . . .
on saturday, after dark we gathered, family big & small

craggy bonfire built in the depths of grannies garden
cosy hats & gloves to hand, warm woollies & sturdy boots
brimming bowls of homemade soup to keep the chill at bay
marshmallows ready for toasting over the fire

when slowly but surely the heavens opened and my did it rain
strange lot that we are, most perceived, determined to the end
we still burnt our fire & set off rockets soaring into the rain
stood mesmerised by crackling fire & the warmth of the flames
the tiny sparks dancing up into the dark night sky
then inside we dashed to mugs of hot tea
steaming dry in front of the roaring fire
to much fun & laughter, i love our family get togethers
our belated 5th november, bonfire night celebration

November 05, 2008

Midnight skies & velvet quiet

driving home, tired thoughts & tummy rumbling
round the last corner towards our village, then . . .
look what i saw, i had to stop, step out of my car,
take a moment to breathe in the beauty of the faling evening
. . . this oh so quiet, stillness, depth of colour in the sky
frosty freshness i breathed in, soft bleating in my ears
i went on my way with calmed mind, my senses all sated

November 04, 2008

A wood turner in the making . . .

we are a lucky lot it appears
each member of my family has a gift
hands that work wonders, with paint, fabric, clay,
. . . i introduce you now to my other daughter, katie
her gift is working with wood
over the years she has quietly taking on challengesfound a passion for wood turning, beautiful pieces
set herself bolder & bigger projects

amazing me by designing & building her own workshop
. . . just like that!

not so very long ago in this corner of the world she became
the first female apprentice joiner in Dumfries & Galloway.
tomorrow we are off to sheffield for a few days (proud mum that i am - but i think its allowed) why? because tomorrow the 11th national APSE apprentice and trainee awards are being held down there and out of the 8 categories, my gentle lass is shortlisted down to the final 3 females in the Housing and building apprentice / trainee section. I am so thrilled.
my 3 beautiful, children each one so different, each one so precious
each with their own way of interpreting this world we live in.

Katie now has her own shop
Red Wood on Etsy

November 03, 2008

NUrturing heart & soul

The last week has gone and flown by so quickly
like the gentle puff of a dandelion clock
the pattern my life takes amazes me dailyi so unexpectedly found a long lost precious friend
& heard from my dearest oldest bestest chum at last caught up
with some of my lovely further afield family
shared delicious food, colourful stories
side splitting laughter & sweet memories
too many years gone by since we last did this
promises made to keep this up found myself out gently strolling with Mr O
in the glowing autumn sunshine
then stumbling upon such inspirations
for dragons (can you spot him above) & mystical creatures

learning to leave all the snaggy bits behind
life is to short & it is so tiring & negative

oh and i almost forgot
exciting news, an offer of shop space to show my work