October 21, 2008

Jessie M King. . .

nestling quietly  in the beautiful Scottish countryside
home, over many years, to assortments of artists & crafting folk 

. . . in days long gone by
after many travels & inspiring adventures
a free spirit, called Jessie M King came to settle there

 a talented illustrator & designer of wonderful things
she loved all that was medieval and fantasy
she created such delicate illustrations  for  faerie tales & books

designed jewelry, fabrics, murals, costumes & so much more 
this  arty girl could not help but call Jessie  a favourite
all work above by Jessie M King


  1. I love Jessie M King. Her work is so whimsically etherical. This is a nice collection of illustrations of hers.

  2. As soon as I saw these illustrations two things came to mind; my childhood memories of a series of books that belonged to my mother when she was a child and Erte. But mostly, the books; one of the volumes contained stories of faeries, brownies, and wood nymphs and the picture plates were so beautiful, each covered with a face page of the lightest tissue. I could spend hours looking at them. Of course, my older brother is now the owner of these books, but I will have to contact him and see if Jessie M. King did those wonderful pictures. This leaves me with a smile!

  3. Jean, let me know the artist of those wonderful pictures of your childhood, how wonderful if they were Jessies! thank you, you have reminded me of Erte's work, i went straight to my bookshelf and found some perfect inspiration for a piece i want to do.


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