October 28, 2008

MY creative journey . . .

The  clocks have now gone ticking back an hour and the nights will now be creeping slowly in. Yet i smile because i am always glad to see the seasons change & am looking forward with glee to what the next one brings along. Still to come, crisp frosty patterned mornings & wintery hued sunsets, a new season laying another set of colours over the landscape. Long cosy evenings in front of the crackling, popping fire, a perfect excuse to snuggle in with my paints & my sketch pad.

My weekend of "going with the flow" was a huge success, i am finishing off the piece i started & shall show it very soon, a slightly scary thought. I am slowly re-discovered so much that had slipped into places i couldn't reach, like my love of folklore and of symbolism in art, these i want to include in my work again. I am excitedly waiting the arrival of books on those very subjects that i purchased from Rima across at The Hermitage, a visit there is a must for lovers of more magical places.

I am away to my newly magical place, the studio, to add more to my painting, i love this new focus & excitment that i feel in my work.


  1. So lovely to hear you are at work producing artwork in your studio , congratulations. looking forward to seeing your piece.

  2. Congratulations on your focus! It can be so ephemeral.

    I adore Rima's blog and work. I was working all weekend and by the time I got around to checking blogs practically all of her books had been sold. :-( Actually I have a number of the ones she has listed - we apparently have many of the same tastes - but some of those others! drool... ah well...

    Best, best wishes for a most creative season.

  3. I love hearing how you enjoy the seasons. For so many, each weather change is a war cry.


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