August 24, 2008

A dusty portfolio uncovered

Taking pictures over the last few weeks for this blog,
had started something stirring inside me

Hauling out my dusty forlorn portfolio i felt a sense of apprehension
yes, there they were, all my long forgotten sketches and paintings
so many ideas swirling round in my head, where do i start
as i began to work with the photographic images from my day
i knew i was on the mend, finding my feet at last.

After so long, it came at me in huge waves
this passion for my work. This is me.
I feel i have truly come home.

Clouds & silver linings . . . how true.
Being off work, waiting for my arm to mend
and the help of a certain Mr, of course,
has given me time to start my blog.
Everything happens for a reason, don't you think?

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