July 18, 2013

a wee hoose on wheels project . .

I've ever loved the idea of a life trundling along on the open road,
 pulling up in the gloaming in a quiet spot to sit and eat supper whilst listening to hooting owls.
So with such excitement may I present our new wee project . . .
A wee hoose on wheels (top pics).
Our little caravan was a steal at £75, big thank u's to Mr B for that find! 
It was neglected and sad, but im going to turn it into a sumptuous bohemian get away 
(bottom pics = inspiration)
My aim to do it on the smallest budget possible, so its a make & mend & find project.
Perfect cause I do love a challenge, such exciting stuff!


  1. Good luck, what an exciting prospect.

  2. With a touch of Ruthie magic I am sure it will be lovely! I love the inspiration photos at the bottom :)

  3. Good luck Ruthie - I want a personal tour when finished!!

  4. Hi Ruthie!
    How wonderful, can't wait to see what you do. Have fun, living out of the box, in a box :-)

  5. That's an absolute bargain. No doubt there'll be a pile of caravan updates appearing here - look forward to seeing how it turns out.

  6. Ooo what a fabulous idea. Cant' wait to see the results of the makeover. :-)

  7. How fun/exciting/groovy !! I can't wait to see your handy work in your new wee home away from home on wheels! Mobile Bohemian Art Studio?? :))))))

  8. What a great idea Ruthie, I'll be keeping a lookout at caravans from now on. Definitely a steal at the price.

  9. That will no doubt look amazing when you have finished with it! Love it.. have fun Ruthie xx

  10. It will be just awesome...like you! XO

  11. How delightful! I used to dream of living in something like this ..

  12. Wow, I love all the color inside -it looks so incredibly warm and cozy. I hope you continue to post more pics as you move into it more.:)

    Great job!!:D

  13. how exciting and what adventures are on the horizon. we have a 'home on wheels'~we started with an old vw, then an old citroen h van and now a more modern vw that was once a vegetable van! now however it is like a narrow boat on wheels spreading cheer wherever it goes :)


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