March 29, 2013

Snowed in & story writing workshops

Hello from our snow surrounded cottage up here on the hill.
What an adventure we had last weekend, so much snow,
we woke to such a wonderland and were snowed in well & truly!
 We had to dig our way out & were snowbound for a few days.
Above you can glimpse the snow to the top of the hedgerows
Mr O is 6ft and it was taller than him, see the digger in the lane!
But oh it was a sight to behold, I spent an age wandering in the woods
and felt such deep peace & awe at the beauty of it all.
It bought a flurry of winged visitors to the garden too
and unveiled tracks of visiting creatures, normally unseen.
Of course i had to play for a while, pleasing my inner child!
My wee unicorn stood tall & proud most of the week.
This wintry weather has been perfect reference for my work
and the Nip Nebs book illustrations are coming along nicely.
A new venture for me this month was the "Daydream Believers" picture book creation workshops, set up with storyteller Susi Woodmass, where we work with children to help them develop words & pictures to create their very own wee books.  (Above~ some of the prompt cards i illustrated to inspire their storytelling)

Earlier this month i had the pleasure of working with Susi on our very first joint workshop at the local school. The imaginations of the children as they created their stories was inspiring indeed and watching them illustrate their work & bring it to life was a pure joy. I can't wait until next time.
So if you  know a group who would love to do one of our workshops do get in touch, you can find more information over here at "The Wee Folk Storytellers" website.
ps: you can click on each image to view it larger.


  1. Incredible pictures - good to see the snow has inspired you with your latest illustrations. Hope you are managing to get out a bit more now - the sun is out down here in Staffordshire but it's not exactly warm yet x Jane

  2. You've certainly got plenty of snow there! Glad it helped with the inspiration - good job you weren't having to draw scenes on a sunny desert island! Lovely photos. Great unicorn! Hope you're not quite so snowed in now. x

  3. Oh WoW !!! Look at that snow! Being snowed in is wonderful~ (even better when your electricity continue to work through out...)
    Beautiful, thanks for sharing the last snows of spring!
    Love your little robin. :)))))

  4. Pretty scenes, and do adore your Unicorn - how clever! We will all be so shocked when summer finally does arrive. What a wonderful idea your group is, lovely photos.
    Minerva ~

  5. Love, love, love the unicorn! Enchanting scenes. Always a pleasure to visit you! XO

  6. Some wonderful looking scenes on this post Ruthie, the snow's hanging on isn't it. I bet that was the only unicorn in Galloway. Love the Robin painting, it would make a fabulous Christmas card.
    Happy Easter Ruthie.

  7. Wonderful post Ruthie! Great pictures, great art, great sculpture, great amount of snow!

  8. Oh Wow! Those snowy photographs are just fabulous! Hope you managed to stay warm Ruthie and that your electricity wasn't disconnected? We've been watching the television... cor what a lot of snow!!

    Your paintings are so delightful, it sounds like you had a wonderful time with the children.

    Hugs and Happy Easter to you Ruthie dear.
    Jane x

  9. Goodness, what a March you have had!
    We just got the bitingly cold winds down here in the sunny West Country! Hee hee.
    Lovely photos, wonderful art and many congratulations Ruthie on your storytelling adventure.

  10. Wow you did get a lot of snow! We didn't get it that bad, just 8 inches or so. Love your snow unicorn :)
    Your workshop sounds great! I can imagine how much you enjoyed that, and what a fantastic experience it was for the children too

  11. Anonymous2/4/13 12:50

    Fab photos x

  12. Gorgeous photographs and it was an incredible scene. I think we had it similar to you, still lots about. Our little lanes were packed up to the top of the hedges and walls.
    Been too long since I visited, going to see all your creative projects.


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