February 21, 2013

A splash of yellow & inspiration . . .

 The newest touches of Spring are creeping into the air, popping with colour.
snowy drops & glowing gorse or whin bushes as they are called locally.
I recently realised my sketching skills are far too rusty, 
I haven't "just" doodled or sketched for the fun of it for ~ ever.
 An inspiring conversation with the lovely Margaret Milligan, 
about the 30 day painting challenge she set herself, set me a thinking.
(You can see here  the wonderful results of Margarets challenge.)
and so with all that in mind, 
I have set myself the task of doing a hal hour sketch a day for 30 days!
and by putting it out here, hopefully I am more prompted to keep to it!
I cant give up if its going badly, (something i am far to guilty of doing normally)
but have to stick at it for the half hour (i nearly gave up this morning to begin with!)
* * * 
So here is sketch number 1 a tiny splash of yellow sunshine on my windowsill.
Oh i did enjoy doing this, roll on day two!


  1. Lovely! I keep promising myself I will do this... a doodle or a few words each day just to keep in tune with myself, to keep the spark going even through the dim times when everything gets knotted and weary.
    But I've always tried to do it as an open ended endeavour that always peters out, perhaps I should try a 30 day challenge too!
    Lovely too to see the early signs of spring - I can't wait for the greening!
    Carrie... :)

  2. Lovely sketch - and done in thirty minutes! Great idea to post them on here to keep a record - I bet they'll make quite an impressive body of work x Jane

  3. Ahhhh ,these snow drops are so lovely .....
    (they're in my garden too, though there goes an icy wind today .... no spring temperature yet here .....)

  4. A very good practice... yes, now we're going to want to see updates!

    I find that to get myself really going, that doing a number of REALLY short sketches in a half hour really gets the cauldron stirring.

  5. You are off to a great start ~ I'll be looking forward to the results of the next 29 days! What a great idea...

  6. i think drawing every day is a wonderful idea! it is amazing to see you having flowers while snow if falling from my sky! they are so very lovely!

  7. Your snowdrops are just lovely. The daffodils in my yard are rather battered and sad, but more blooms are already opening.

    Your little Wire Hair terrier is absolutely adorable. My mom had a Scottish terrier that sadly passed on a couple of years ago. He was the cutest little thing, with the most wonderful personality.

  8. What a great challenge to set yourself! I've been out of the sketching game so long that my skills have gotten truly rusty! I don't know if I could be as brave as you to post my efforts! Your sketch is lovely!

  9. Good luck ! It's hard to do this but I know with your fun personality, you'll be tempted to do more than one a day.

  10. It's a lovely drawing! I've been meaning to set myself a challenge like this for ages and I'm so glad I did, my painting's taken off since I started. I wonder if it's the practice of doing it on a daily basis that's given me more confidence? :)xx

  11. It's So pretty and you are inspiring me! I used to carry around my little black leather sketchbook but completely got out of the habit!

  12. Turned out beautifully!
    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

  13. Loving your daily sketches Ruthie, I've been inspired!x

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  15. I so. Enjoyed your explanation and your lovely sketch ...makes me want to give it a try!


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