January 23, 2013

Wintery squirrels & cosy ponies . . .

Such a lovely treat this week the snow bought into our garden
 two new wee visitors to our Narnian wonderland.
Such antics they get up to, & keep burying nuts on the snowy lawn
for the wily blackbirds to then go and pinch !
Also just had to share these cuties.
Two of Shetlands most famous things
Shetland ponies & Fair Isle knitwear.
This to promote the "Year of Natural Scotland"
Shetland pony image by Rob McDougall.


  1. The pony sweaters are fantastic! Really brought a smile to my face!

  2. I'd better not show our ponies that picture.... they will be wanting their own sweaters!
    Too cute! :))))
    What pretty squirrels you have there!

  3. Crisp photos - it looks cold. Love the squirrels and the ponies in winter sweaters. Cute.

  4. I have a regular tribe of red squirrels. I hear that they are not as common in the UK. And, I love the pony sweaters... though they do seem to emphasize their stumpiness, dare I say!

  5. The ponies look so cute - better not let my horses see those pony sweaters as it ould take me a long time to knit them!

  6. Oh my goodness - those ponies are so cute! Shetlands are sweet anyway, but wearing jumpers?! OMG.. adorable

  7. Good to see our red squirrel population are doing OK down your way Ruthie. Did you know you can report your squirrel sightings on the Scottish Wildlife Trust's webpage.
    Love the Shetlands.

  8. Oh my gosh! So cute! Love the little Shetlands!
    And I love those bird feeders. No where to hang them at my place but maybe at my parents. :)

  9. thought you might all like these wee souls!

    Valerianna ~ they do indeed look more "stumpy" ;)

    Jim ~ i didn't know that, im off to add them now!


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