September 11, 2012

Autumn loveliness & an artists palette

I do love Autumn, the colours most of all & it is a stirring
It was this delicious season i was born into many moons ago
and maybe why it is always my most favourite time of the year.
The time i feel most at home, the season that sings to my soul.
Nestling into the days, i reminisce over summers cherished moments
and look forward to the richness of treasures in this new fall.
I have been working on this Autumn painting for ever and a day
trying to capture on paper the very essence of the emotions it stirs.
I wanted to share the feeling of the peace I find on quiet forest paths,
the pleasure of foraging for the ripest fruits amongst the brambles.
The joy of seeing mother natures rich palette tinting every leaf,
as the forest begins to take on fall hues of ochre, russett red and orange.
Colours to which I am called again & again when i dip my brushes
Now at last it is finished my "Autum's Bounty" painting
my  "Am Foghar" ~ Autumn in gaelic.
It is available as prints in my etsy & folksy shops
(Such a pet hate i have ~ trying to photograph my paintings, 
as i use gold ink & paint, they reflect, not easy to capture.)

Hidden in amongst this painting are 10 wee faerie folk to discover.
When we were small & out walking in the woods my Grandad always told us
to  " keep an eye out for wee folk", my hidden faeries are for Grandad x
The original is also for sale, though I might find it hard to part with this piece
for  it is filled with the very essence of so many things that I love.
 Autumn always brings back golden happy memories
of my childhood & that of my own children.
The shine on a brand new conker newly strung onto twine,
the smoky smell of dear Grandads garden bonfires,
the feel of crunchy leaves kicked up by tiny booted feet,
 the sound of wise old owls hooting in the darkening evenings.

Do you love Autumn to? What does it bring back for you?

More info on how to spot the early signs of Autumn from the BBC  here 

*        *        *

Autumn bowed to place a beautiful crown on the Queen of Morning,
and her velvet robes sway merrily in the chilly breeze.
~Terri Guillemets


  1. It's beautiful Ruthie and so evocative of autumn. I'm still clinging to summer by my fingertips! ;)
    Jess x x

  2. Autumn is also my favorite season, as I was born in its depths. There's something in the gold and scarlet of autumn colors that calls to my soul.

    Thank you so much for sharing your painting and your thoughts.

  3. Oh - Autumn in all it's glorious reds, greens and yellows! I do love the pointed ears on the lady and that fox! x

  4. Anonymous11/9/12 11:34

    Autumn is my favourite season too...I was born at the turning of the leaves and that call to slumber is imprinted on my Soul.....I feel its whisper shivering through the branches, even as the Summer sun bakes the world with a sultry heat. At this Autumn time, I like to breathe in deeply the scent of dampened loam and fill my eyes with the rich, heady colours of the forest tops....Much love Clare xxx

  5. Wonderful post, Ruthie…. the very essence of Autumn. And your painting is just beautiful! I love the hidden faeries for your Grandad. x

  6. Beautiful painting and beautiful tribute to Autumn - my favourite season as well, by far. The colours, as you've so wonderfully captured them in your painting and post, as well as the smell of the first wood fires capture the season for me.

  7. A beautiful post... and beautiful art, it has great "atmosphere" about it...
    I too was born in Autumn and find much to love about the season. The scent of ripe grapes hanging heavy in the air is the fist sign for me.
    Your Grandad sounds delightful ~ makes me smile to think of hunting for fairies... Grandfathers can be very special; mine taught me to find 4-leaf clovers instead of faeries!

  8. Hi Ruthie
    What a lovely piece of work! You should be very proud of yourself!
    I am not an Autumn girl myself, more of a Spring person but I can see you have a real connection with the season
    Margaret xx

  9. Just beautiful Ruthie. I love the light of autumn, the tang of something cold and clear in the wind, and the glint of dew on the spider webs.....

  10. Such a beautiful feelling in this painting, Ruthie. I think you've wonderfully captuered the bountiful feeling of fall and the hint of the transition, too. I love it!

    I'm an autumn baby, too... Corag says that we all have a time of year, and that's the one we're born in. I'd say that's so for me.

  11. Anonymous12/9/12 11:16

    So beautiful Ruthie! My absolute favourite things about autumn is the smell - ripe fruit, mulching leaves & smoke - and the hint of chill in the air while the sun shines.

  12. Halloween, hollowing out 'neeps', 'guising' starry nights and of course conkers.

    Love the painting Ruthie, looks to me to be a little bit of a self portrait too !

  13. Ruthie,your painting is gorgeous,I feel it's the starting point for a fairy tale or poem! The depth and quality of autumn colours is amazing.
    When my father had alzheimers he used to see little folk on his daily walks,always in the same place in a beech wood.My feelings about this are that it's possible his condition gave him clarity of sight. Who knows!


  14. So lovely to see your autumn flavored post! I love seeing your art Ruthie, it always touches my heart. lovely autumn birthday to you!

  15. Anonymous15/9/12 14:46

    Your painting is gorgeous Ruth - if you can ever bring yourself to part with it, let me know, I have a spot in mind where it would look perfect.

    I love Autumn, the colours, the chilly mornings, the watery sunrise. The way it evokes memories of years and Autumns gone by. The abundance of fruit and general loveliness xxx

  16. Stunning! There is no surprise there though. I love how you capture the true feeling and beauty of Autumn. Autumn is always a little bitter sweet for me. I think it is such a beautiful season, filled with such vibrant colours, great abundance, and the last luscious days of warm weather. But I so love summer, Autumn is always a time of transition for me.

    I look forward to the day that I have my own place and I can have several of your prints bringing beauty to my walls!

  17. Dear Ruthie,
    Thank you SO much for your cherished comment! Yes although it's hard to choose between the seasons I DO think Autumn is my favourite so you were right. I was also born at the end of August so like you I am an Autumn Soul. I loved this post, your writing inspires me, 'the feel of crunchy leaves kicked up by tiny booted feet,
    the sound of wise old owls hooting in the darkening evenings...' conjures up lovely thoughts and pictures. "Am Foghar" is beautiful
    I love the touches of real gold and the ring on her hand and around her wrist! Slowly I am gathering a word here a word there in Gaelic from your blog, the language of my forbears. Your Grand-dad sounds like a lovely fellow how lucky you were to know him.

    Many good wishes to you dear Ruthie I hope you are well? My health is not great just now but I take each hour at a time.

    Hugs x Jane

  18. I have so enjoyed reading your thoughts on Autumn folksies, thank you for sharing.

    Jess ~ so was I for quite a while, but have finally had to let go, though the days last week were some of the warmest ;)

    Soozcat ~ another Autumn lady, what a lovely way to put it these colours do call to our Autumn souls don’t they

    Lee-Ann ~ thank you x

    Clare ~ you have such a way with words “ I was born at the turning of the leaves and that call to slumber is imprinted on my Soul.....” soul sister ;) x

    Mags ~thank you treasure, it was something I had wanted to do for an age.

    Lynn ~ I love the scent of those first wood fires, reminds me of all the lovely Autumn cosy days to come

    Melody ~ Thank you for your lovely words x Your Grandad sounds atreasure too, happy

    Margaret ~ You are a sweetie. I wonder were you born int Spring, being a Spring person?

    Jules ~ ooh yes, that lovely cold tang in the air! It makesme want to go out in the early morning to breath it deep.

    Valerianna ~ Corag’s words are very wise are they not. Have you finished the book yet? What did you think in the end x

    Ailsa ~ I agree autumn has a delicious smell ;)

    Jim ~ Loving all of your Autumn faves! Can’t wait to carve pumpkins! I think there must be an element od self in each of my paintings somewhere, I have been told it often ;)

    Ruby ~ I do have a story in mind for my painting, one day ;) How lovely a thought to think you Father saw such things on his walk ;) thank you for sharing that treasure.

    Tammie Lee ~ thank you sweetie x

    Shirley ~ thank you too, I must add the original is still for Sale in my Etsy shop. I too love that Autumn evokes memories of years and Autumns gone by

    Stacey ~ Autumn is a time of transition for me too, the looking back & looking forward too.

    Jane ~ hello dear fellow Autumn soul, it is so lovely to hear from you. I have begun Gaelic lessons so hope to add more words as I learn. I was indeed very lucky lass to have such a Grandad, he was a wonderful man. Keep well treasure x x x

  19. Love your Autumn's bounty! Beautiful!!!
    Also the lovely photos! I love berries!

    I lOVE autumn ... love going to the pumpkin patch and taking pictures of all the pumpkins, corn and gourds ... making an arrangement at home with them. Listening to piano music and sipping tea ... I just love it. Fall's the best. (though I am a huge fan of spring as well!)


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