May 10, 2012

Celtic connections, an album & a logo

I am so excited to be able to share with you at long last
a project I was working on back in Summer 2011.
About that time, Mr O (my musician) was recording a 2nd album
of traditional Celtic music at Unit7 studios, Bladnoch,
with his sister, renowned composer & fiddle player, Marie Fielding
and their long time friend, accordionist Duncan Black.
 I was asked to design the logo for the label Rumford Records.
Marie wanted a celtic feel for her newly set up record label,
from the many designs I produced, and I did get a little carried away,
the design below was the final one chosen and used.

I also had the fun task of taking cover shots for the album.
At the end of a long & tiring session in the studio,
these 3 inspiring musicians caused endless laughter
as we tried out different poses outside the cottage.

 and finally after all their hard work, the headaches & the smiles
I am pleased to present the end product
Tribute's 2nd album.
For more information Rumford Records has a facebook page here
the album itself is for sale over on Maries own website here.
Owen also has his own reverbnation page  here 
 & facebook musicians page here.

All in all a fun project to be involved in
& fascinating to see the creative process of an idea coming to fruition.


  1. I like your design for the record label - what fun to be involved with a project like that.

  2. Nice logo!! And looks like they had fun recording - or were very relieved to be done... I've been there, I know how intense it can be!!

  3. Wonderful work, Ruthie, and so inspiring to be amongst talented creative kin. xx

  4. Great work, Ruthie! Lucky band to have such creative support. :)

  5. Your design is really great, and I like your photos.
    I love traditional music being kept alive, as it should be... xxx

  6. Great job on the logo! It looks great!
    I will check them out!

  7. Yeah Ruthie!!! How fun (and exhausting!) I love all your logo ideas. Boiling artistic ideas down to minimum for graphic designs has always been impossible for me. I always add way too much (smiles*). I admire that ability in others. It is just beautiful! And the photo is great. Well done!

  8. Ruthie, what a wonderful process! I love your final logo - it has a lyrical sweep to it that seems perfect for its purpose. Lovely!

  9. What a wonderful project to be involved in and what a grand job you did!

  10. "5 Precious Things" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors to here.

  11. Excellent Blog and great information, just out of interest there is a new Celtic Connections event happening in Paisley in October to coincide with the brand new Spree Festival which will also be happening next year with the Royal National MOD to find out more info about the event click the link.


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