April 27, 2012

wildlife visitors to the garden . . .

I do so love my early morning walks with Poppy.
Up with the birds we are out climbing through the garden,
heading for the hills behind the cottage.
I set out with my trusty camera and my heart filled with excitement, 
for i never know what or even who we may come across!

Visitors this week
* Even before we set out, I saw Mr Hare from the studio window as he loped by, he's becoming a regular, maybe he's asking to be painted!

* I heard Mr woodpecker loudly knocking, and later came across him & his new lady doing a spectacular mating dance, calling & fluttering about up in the trees.

* Poppy followed mysterious hoof prints in the mud from the garden, across the bridge over the stream, and up the path into the woods and there, a tiny Roe deer snapping off grassy stems.

* and we were serenaded by this sweet little chaffinch who followed us a wee while. You can hear their call on this you-tube clip here .

These visitors to my garden remind me of how very lucky I am to live where I do surrounded by all this beauty. Do you see or hear visitors  near by?  Have a beautiful weekend all x


  1. beautiful...I love your heart discovery shared at Clytie's this week!

  2. So lovely! No matter how often we see wildlife, I always find it a little bit magical & wonderous to come across creatures doing their own thing on our backdoor step!! :)

  3. What a magical morning walk! I live on the edge of open countryside and absolutely LOVE seeing the wildlife, its a treat every single time. Wish we had hares here.. your visitor is a handsome chappie!
    Deborah x

  4. We have regular visitors. Most of them are young rabbits. We also get the occasional mole, raccoon, and coyote in our neighborhood.

  5. Ruthie how lucky you are to see hares. he would make a fine painting! xx

  6. what is further good luck, for us who follow your blog, we tag along.

    wishing you a tremendously fine weekend.

  7. such delights in the day are treasures, so lovely to know you have these walks and findings in your life.

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  9. Your visitors are very beautiful - thank you for introducing us. I managed to think to get out my camera when the local wildlife came a-calling recently. You can meet the pesky possum here -

  10. A nice array of visitors.... and I wanted to tell you that we had a wire haired fox terrier when I was a child, what a bundle of ENERGY! Is Poppy as "wired" as our Dulce was?

  11. I have lots of different birds visiting my garden and when I'm out with B Baggins we see rabbits, red deer and the occasional fox. I'm still waiting to hear the first cuckoo of the year up at the top wooded end of Blackamoor - he's late this year so I'm hoping he'll turn up in the next few days. These, along with all the wild flowers, are the things that make the walks so enjoyable.

  12. You do live in a beautiful spot Ruthie. After a visit to the Galloway Wildlife Park, the grandchildren wanted to head for Carrick Shore. They just loved it.
    It's no wonder the area is designated as an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)'
    Lovely post.

  13. Anonymous28/4/12 13:40

    I enjoyed coming along on your walk with you! :)
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    ~ Zuzu

  14. Laura ~ thank you, it was a magical find! I do love Clytie's heart blog!

    Julia ~ I agree, it is magical & wonderous & I love that I never know what I will spy next.
    Deborah ~ It is a treat isn’t it!

    Soozcat ~ Oh my raccoons and coyotes, now those I would love to see.

    Ace~ he would wouldn’ he, I think maybe that’s why he keeps appearing. I think he might even be living in the garden just now!

    Sandra ~ thank you so for our lovely words x

    Tammie Lee ~ they are treasures indeed, and they tempt me out every day x

    Ruth ~ aren’t they just x

    Lady Demelza ~ ooh another possum! I shall have to take a peep at him.

    Valeriana ~ Yay, Dulce sounds like she was lots of fun. I do have a soft spot for them lol Poppy doesn’t actually seem to bad, but every so often she has a mad half hour and goes so crazy. She is so funny to watch hurtling around at 100 miles an hour and making little gruff noises, her ears flapping in the wind!

    Rowan ~ I meant to say I do so love the name of your dog “B Baggins”! I heard my first cuckoo last week up in the woods! It was early to hear one up here.

    Jim ~ I can’t deny it, lol. Im still hoping to plan a visit to the Galloway Wildlife Park! Ooh Carrick Shoreis a favourite spot, many happy memories from there.

    Zuzu ~ so glad you did, thank you for coming along x x

  15. I am so behind on my blog visiting! Finally getting around.
    I love this post! Looks so beautiful where you live! LOVE the new banner by the way!


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