February 16, 2011

Galloway scenery, sculptures & sunsets

Needing a taste of the sharp frost filled air
we set off exploring, into the heart of the Galloway forest. As our eyes soaked up beautiful colours,
i breathed deep & felt the stresses of the week slide away.
We discovered hidden treasures, "the Quorum",
sitting silently, carved faces built into the old stone dyke.
Now beautifully weathered & looking as if they have always belonged.
We watched clouds race as we climbed to Murray's monument
& listened to the song of tumbling water at the "grey mare's waterfall".
At the waters edge unusual patterns, in sparkling jewels of ice.
Darkness settling over the hills told us it was time to head home
with happy hearts & a deep sense of peace now restored.
I have been having a great deal of fun printing my own cards,
choosing images, designing labels & deciding on packaging.
Each card has relevant snippets of folklore & traditions on the back.
Finished at last, the first ones are in "mythweaver" my etsy shop,
I shall be gradually adding more designs as the weeks go by.
* * *
*You can see more images of the Galloway hills sculptures here *


  1. Anonymous21/2/11 20:41

    Those faces are haunting - as though they'd come alive some times. The colours of the trees and bracken and glens are gorgeous! I like to wear them in the city, to remind me of the world beyond the grey pavements.

  2. Wow, how magical! If, no, WHEN I come to the UK, I must visit those stone heads, I'm smitten!

  3. Galloway is so beautiful! I have to send this to my friend who's last name is Galloway : ) I'm curious as to the Quorum stone faces...are they ancient? How old? And love that you add folklore to the back of your cards!

  4. Heart rocks and stone heads and so much folkloric beauty. Thanks for adding an extra dash of loveliness to my day!

  5. It looks a really beautiful area. I like the faces carved into the rocks and the lovely sunset photograhs. The outline of bare branches against a sunset is one of my favourite winter sights.

  6. Oh so beautiful Ruthie! I love the Quorum too. I'm feeling in need of some solitude and quiet contemplation in nature too lately!

  7. Kitty, waht a lovely thought, i know exactly how you feel, having lived in a city. I feel very lucky now to have all this on my doorstep.

    Valerianna, i thought you would love them!

    Penny, The heads were only sculpted in 97, haven't they weathered beautifully! They were put there to mark the anniversary of the opening of the Galloway forest park. They were just the beginning of a 3 year "art in the forest" project. PS thank u for visiting myth weaver!! ;-)

    Rowan, it is one of my favourite sights too, and i am forever taking photos, they look so delicate & lace like.

    Christina, it does help doesn't it. When ever im feeling overwhelmed by the rush & pressures of every day living, to take a step ot like this always sets me back on the right path. x x

  8. Donna, you are very welcome x x

  9. Oh, how interesting, I thought they were some ancient thing I didn't know about! I LOVE that they aren't - contemporary art weathered to become ancient stories... now I want to go even more!

  10. Those faces in the wall are marvellous - so many things to see when I've got wheels again (soon hopefully) - looks like I've got a studio in Gatehouse to visit too.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. I'll have a good look at this one when I have a little more time (currently at work)

  11. Art in nature - I love those stone faces. What a generous spirit that created those.

    Nice to see your etsy shop growing!! :)

  12. What a beautiful world, a world of beauty, that you have shown me here.
    Just what I needed today.

  13. Anonymous24/2/11 22:08

    Wow, so much beauty Ruthie! What a special gift you have!!

  14. Now I have the desire to return to Galloway, such a beautiful part of the world.

  15. What marvelous, mysterious stone faces. Sort of a Celtic "Mount Rushmore".
    Your cards are lovely, you should do well with them.

  16. I agree ... a beautiful magical world. Thanks for sharing! I love those carved faces - incredible. Your cards are great. Love the girl with the hare! (and hair:)

  17. such a beautiful day out and about you had! those stone with faces are amazing to me. and your artful cards are lovely and enchanting. So lovely to see what you have been up to!

  18. Anonymous27/2/11 17:37

    So very beautiful Ruthie it looks like something from another time. The stone faces alone are most intriguing, your cards are amazing. I didn't know you had an etsy store. I've been looking for something along this line for my shoppe.
    Have a beautiful Sunday,

  19. I must keep you in mind for buying cards as yours are truly fab! I´m not a craftsperson though I do try to craft away at writing but I´ve no artistic talent of the visual kind. I particularly like the card of the lady and the hare - truly magical and very touching!


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