June 03, 2010

inside . . .

with all our tootling about & moving & such
i haven't painted for oh so long
my fingers have been itching!
but i was busy making . . .bathroom curtains & beady tiebacks
( made using some old christmas baubles)
to happily hang
bringing back to life old neglected chairs
above one for my own wee studio (rescued from the skip)
and several (6) for our family room
(how my hands ached after all the sanding & painting!)
and sewing stripey cushions and table cloth
to finish off the table we rescued too
I painted the table legs white to match the chairs.
i love making & bringing things back to life
but now its time. . .
i have new windows to peep out of
and a work space waiting for me to ...work!
have a wonderful weekend all x x


  1. mmmmm - those curtains DO look YUMMY!

    Blessings on back to work, too!

  2. So glad to hear you also rescue things from the "bin" :0) Your place is looking lovely! xoxo

  3. Anonymous4/6/10 01:07

    It looks wonderful! I do love those curtains. I've been wanted to re-do some chairs this summer as well and now I'm further inspired. Happy painting!

  4. It all looks so lovely.
    Especially those orangey curtains!

  5. Ruthie, congratulations on your new home! I've read back and have seen that you've been having so much fun inside and out, preparing your new nest! Love everything you've done so far. Thank you for your visit; always a joy to see your name in my inbox! xa

  6. Oh you have been VERY busy! Love those chairs, but I don't envy you all that sanding, not the most fun job is it?! Looking forward to seeing the first pieces flying out of your new studio!

  7. Anonymous4/6/10 09:36

    Congratulations on creating such a beautiful home - you're an inspiration and I think your styling is unique to you.

  8. Hi folks, lovely to hear from you all, im slowly getting into the swing of things and catching up.

    Alina, i do, i love to rescue and remake x

    Lauragrace- so glad you are feeling inspired x

    Lizzie, you are a sweetie, thank you x x

  9. Oh Ruthie what a lovely inspiring place to work in, you've made magic! I'm currently renovating tables, painting them white. I HATE sanding but I love seeing the gradual transformation with each layer of paint. We've got builders in too so it's very difficult for me to settle down to any proper art at the moment. It's worth it in the end though isn't it?xx

  10. Anonymous4/6/10 13:42

    No surprise you've been away from your virtual home...what amazing things you've made. Congratulations and enjoy!

  11. You are just so clever! Everything looks gorgeous! xoxo

  12. Hi Ruthie,

    My you have been busy! Your refitting of all the chairs is a wonderful job. I especially like your modern desk chair makeover, as not many people would even take that on, much less as successfully as you have. Well done!


  13. What a beautiful blog! Such lovely photos. I hope you are soon settled and happy in your new home.

  14. Ruthie, many blessings for your beautiful new home!

  15. What a busy bee you are, Ruthie. :) I love your creations and it's so inspiring to see you breathe new life into old. Bright wishes. xx

  16. I love your curtains and tie backs. I need to rescue my desk chair, it is in a disgraceful state, you have inspired me to try a makeover myself.

  17. Anonymous6/6/10 12:03

    Oh my! Such lovely, lovely projects to have finished! I'm feeling very inspired just now - thanks :)

  18. Jessie - i cant wait to see what you have been painting!

    So glad i inspired some of you. do let me know what you have been inspired to create x x

  19. Beautiful work, and a lovely new home! Hope your painting goes well.

  20. Your home is looking lovely :) I love that your rescuing furniture.

  21. Anonymous10/6/10 13:30

    i love these white chairs. Very good job (and thanks for your visit to my blog) Kisses

  22. Hi Ruthie! You have been such a busy bee and it all looks fabulous. Well done. And 'Good Luck', in your new home. Lesley x

  23. You are so creative and inspiring even when you are not painting!
    I would love to do some similar things in my world!

  24. oh my goodness, you have been oh so busy and you are oh so talented and all these things are wonderfully charming!So grand that you shared this post with us!

  25. I love seeing old things brought back to life, and it looks like you did a great job. I particularly like the office chair, seeing as I have one that looks pretty much exactly like the "before" picture - I shall have to try to follow your example. :)


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