October 04, 2009

costume & medieval magic . . .

we couldn't leave bath without a visit to
to soak up the details of oldcostume at bath fashion museum
and stumbled upon another unplanned treat ...
an exhibition of designs by "bill gibb"
whose work i have long admired, simply stunningbill gibb exhibition at bath fashion museum
later we found the 13th century st marys church in berkeley
with medieval wall paintings that would once have glowedst mary's church berkeley medieval wall painting
and jeweled colours in its stained glass
painted bright by the sun's raysst marys church berkeley stained glass
and there just outside
the resting place of the very last jester in englandlast jester in england grave at st marys berkeley a trove of treasures we unearthed on our travels
complete with a visit to see my eldestall in all we had a wonderful time away
* * *
now its nose down to finish two commissioned pieces
until next time x x
* * *
more beautiful images of st mary's here


  1. I have fond memories of trips to Bath. These three posts are a treat! Lovely things to look at, Thanks,

  2. Bill Gibb, that takes me back to my student days!

    Bath has so many treasures, I love the American museum with the patchwork quilts.

  3. thanks ruthie! i never knew i will receive such a warm compliment!

    Jericho :)

  4. Anonymous6/10/09 08:15

    Oh I love the old costumes! It looks like there is all kinds of amazing things to explore in Bath, so many beautiful places to fill your soul. No wonder it is a healing place.

  5. Always something lovely to see in your posts. I was here this morning and wanted to come back and spend more time looking.
    I loved Bath, only ever had a day there, must return. Great to see what you experienced, thank you.


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