September 11, 2009

september sunset evenings . . .

taking time out to
make the absolute most
of these golden hued
silky september evenings
with the sun sinking swiftly
into gilded seas
leaving tinted clouds
in painted skies
for the nights are creeping softly in
the hours are ticking by
and its time to head steadily homeward
sooner & sooner as each day passes
* * *
carrick shore, near kirkcudbright


  1. "gilded seas" indeed. How dreamy.

  2. Hi Ruthie,
    Stunning sunset photos. I think now is the best time of year, when the sun is low. A really magical time of year too!:)

  3. Starting to get colder there, warmer here. We've stopped setting our fire; only a throw of an evening now.

    Lovely pics, Ruthie.

  4. Dear Ruthie,

    How nice to see images of golden September in Scotland!

  5. Anonymous12/9/09 01:32

    Oh I love these! I spent a lovely September week in Scotland a few years ago and it was quite magical. Very beautiful.

  6. Hi Ruthie,
    I have been so busy, I've missed blogging about to see what all have been up to. Just roamed through both of your blogs, fabulous work! Want to go see all the blogs you've visited, we seem to have similar taste. Thank you for sharing all your finds. Have a great weekend. Kimberly

  7. Thanks Ruthie for those lovely moody shots and slow ambling cows...

    Happy days

  8. Gorgeous, really love scenes.

  9. Anonymous12/9/09 10:36

    Such beautiful colours, very still and soft.

    There were lovely pink and salmon orange skies overhead last night - autumn and winter are indeed the time for sunset watching.

  10. Oh these are beautiful pictures! The sky was pink over the downs the other evening here in Bristol, I just wished I'd had my camera with me!x

  11. Thank you for visiting me on Scotland for the Senses. So wonderful to have found you and this beautiful, gypsy-loving blog. You have one more happy earth-woman follower.

  12. So beautiful. Sigh. I really should visit Scotland, it's the homeland of my great-grandfather. To be honestly if I leave London it's to jet off to sunnier climes (Cuba Mexico Jamaica) where my Caribbean blood can be warmed lol. These pics have inspired me to venture closer to home.

  13. Fantasticne fotografije! :)

  14. Thanks for stopping by Ruthie...
    I have just had a look at your other photos on Flickr. You are a very talented photographer. Really lovely images.:)

  15. Simply so waow!

  16. Hello Ruthie, Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for sharing these lovely photos of your gilded seas. You have such a wonderful way with words. Hugs Judy

  17. so very beautiful...autumn is in the air!

  18. absolutely gorgeous!!

  19. What wonderful photographs - this is a beautiful time of the year.

  20. Hi Ruthie,
    Glad to meat you,
    These are amazing sunset photos.
    I love the colors of the silky sky.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Anonymous19/9/09 00:44

    Wow, love the golden light. Nights like that warm the soul. Thank you for sharing your magical fall evening.


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