September 30, 2009

roman baths & treasure . . .

a wonderful time we had last week
a week that began with my birthday
& ended with adventures in beautiful Bath & beyond roman mosaic at roman baths in bath
discovering the wonderful roman baths
& roman mosaic with a celtic touchcarved stone recovered from the old drains in the roman baths at bath
minute carved stones fallen from the rings of bathers of old
unearthed from ancient drains - the storied they could tellcarved gorgons head from the roman baths in batha gorgons head, once head aloft on a pediment high
the sun rays perhaps symbolising the heat of the sacred springsthree celtic mother godesses found near baththree celtic mother goddesses wearing their pleated skirts
the warm waters of the roman baths in baththe sun shone & the skies were so blue
as we ended our first day of exploring
tomorrow i shall show you more . . .
(here for more bath pics)


  1. Yey Ruthie...
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Lovely post. You are featuring my home town. Bath!:)
    You seemed like you enjoyed your visit. With the gods and goddess Sulis!;)
    The Roman baths are amazing with the sun god as well.
    I use to swim in the warm spring waters when I was a kid, with school.
    I'm in town tomorrow shopping and visiting the Bath art gallery in the afternoon!:)
    Best Birthday Wishes, Jo.x

  2. I love the golden gentility of Bath. I'm off to see your other pretty pictures!

  3. Anonymous1/10/09 01:50


    Lucky gal!

  4. Happy belated birthday wishes Ruthie..another Virgo?

    I loved to see those gem stones...down the plug hole so to think who may have been the wearers...

    Happy days

  5. Happy Birthday, Ruthie. I like your fauns, faries, and trees. Amusing to see the jewels that slipped down the drain, like Gollum losing his ring...Sounded like a rejuvenating trip.

  6. Anonymous1/10/09 07:02

    Happy Birthday - and such a good way to celebrate :)

    The one time I was at the Roman baths was during the height of summer, and there were so many other tourists it rather spoilt the visit. But oh well! I enjoyed your pictures. There must have been a lot of thievery going on, if the bathers chose to wear their rings and jewellery while bathing!

    I remember hearing that the head may have belonged to the Green Man - the Romans liked adopting local gods.

  7. A belated Happy Birthday, Ruthie! That is another place I'd dearly love to visit. I'll enjoy the rest of your pics. xa

  8. Anonymous1/10/09 08:26

    Lovely post, and - I have a September birthday too! I'm amazed by the number of blogs I enjoy the most that turn out to be by Virgos too. I particularly love the stones that fell from bathers' jewellery.

  9. Wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday and so glad you had a wonderful birthday week!
    I was so amazed when I just checked your post this morning for yesterday I also posted about visiting a city called Bath, only it is in Maine!

  10. Happy Birthday dear friend.

    Love Renee xoxo

  11. Thanks Joanne May - i didn't realise you were in bath! It is a beautiful place, very different countryside to here, we will be visiting again for sure. Wow, that you used to swim in the baths!!

    Pamela Terry & Edward - a perfect description x

    Anon - thank you - whoever you are... no clue ??

    Delwyn - thanks, yes another virgo! we have 3 in our house too!!!

    Richard - thank you, love the gollum ref,he would have a field trip there. he is one of my fave characters! mmm precious.

    Kitty - i think we were lucky, i had expected more visitors, but it asn't so bad. not like when we visited Rosslyn chapel mid summer, we played at sardines, i hated it. spoilt the trip!!

    Alaine - thank you. it was somewhere i had been meaning to visit for ever.

    Liz - Happy september birthday to you too! mm i think quite alot of my faves are virgo too, im fascinated. ps i cant leave any comments on your blog!! so frustrating, am looking into it!!

    Nan - thank you, i am off to check out your "bath" too x

    Renee - thank you treasure x x hugs

  12. Hi Ruthie,
    I've followed your blog for a while, but haven't commented before... I love your artwork and designs (I really liked your apple tree!)
    Bath is also my neck of the woods and a nice surprise to see it here!
    I'm also very familiar with Sue Symons work - just stunning isn't it, like a modern day Book of Kells...
    Enjoy the rest of your trip to the west country :)

  13. Carrie - it's so lovely to hear from you, i do love to "meet" followers. Thank you for your comments re my work, im getting there ;-) Bath was such a treat, so much to see & do, we have vowed to go back s we just had 2 days , not enough time. Sue Symons work was new to me and a real treat, i was bowled over very -Book of Kellsish. x x


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