September 08, 2009

the ice bear project

on 11th December in Trafalgar Square, london
a life-sized polar bear will be carved from ice
"As each Ice Bear melts it will leave a skeleton. . .
. . . . and a powerful environmental message"
folks will be able to reach out and touch
an "inspirational and iconic symbol of the Arctic. "
sculptor Mark Coreth saw the effects of climate change
on his travels to Baffin Island Nov 07 and so the
* * *
bears will be sculpted in other cities worldwide
using art to bring home a message
the fragility of our enviroment
* * *
info 1st found on the blog of someone
who's work i greatly admire


  1. thank you very much for appreciating my blog and my works!im warmly accepted your words....good thing you even accidentically visited my blog.

    :) jericho

  2. How cool is that? (no pun intended! ok, maybe just alittle pun) I'm always amazed at how art can drive home a message when someone is truly moved and inspired. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Visual statements are so powerful. And this looks as though it will be so beautiful people will think of it for a long time. Such an important issue.

  4. thats such a powerful message in a lovely way, i'd like to take joshy! fliss xx

  5. This will be so beautiful. I found your blog today via some random blog hoping. It looks really interesting, I'm going to work my through it.

  6. What a stunning way to make people aware of the fate of the bears.

  7. Jericho - you are very welcome, it is always a pleasure to find new works that i love ;-)

    i agree with you all, an impressive & stunning way to use art to spread a powerful message.

  8. Wonderful idea. Heartbreakingly so.

  9. Hello Ruthie,

    Thanks for sharing this information about the Ice Bear Project. What a great way to get everyones attention to the global warming issue.

    I lived in Alaska and was a bush school nurse and travel from Fairbanks to Prudoe Bay and I have such a great love for the wilderness. It would be such a tragedy to lose it and its precious wild life. Hugs Judy

  10. Interesting and entertainign interview with the sculptor Mark Coreth is here


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