September 22, 2009

fauns & faerie folks. . .

as i went a wandering back over my posts
i glimpsed a distinct lack of my showing
very much at all of the things i have been doingmy patterned trees
sketched faerie folks
and costumes,
doodled faunsand back to trees again
as i try to find my feet & develop a style i like
so i thought i might leave you these
whilst i am away a wee while
visiting & exploring & re-charging
will be back very soon
x x x


  1. Such beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Ruthie

    your work is beautiful, there's no doubt you are a very talented lady but what I sense is YOU coming through the work...your gentle soft spirit, and that makes the work even more endearing...thank you

    Happy days

  3. Thanks for sharing these. When I was about 6 I dreamt I flew over an apple tree very much like yours. Maybe it was yours :)

  4. Lovely fairy images Ruthie.
    Very spacial work...
    I Love your William Morris style trees.

  5. It's lovely to see your recent artwork! It definitely has an 'art nouveau' feel and reminds me of the scottish artists of that time which I LOVE!x

  6. Anonymous23/9/09 19:31

    Beautiful work Ruthie! I love the colours of your last tree. Your creativity is great, I wish I could paint and draw, it would take me MUCH practice to be able to do a fraction of what you do.

  7. Oh what a beautiful blog!! I love your gypsy finds - they made my inner gypsy smile

  8. Anonymous23/9/09 20:36

    Your artwork is beautiful. I love the simplicity of the second picture an the background effect of the fourth.

  9. These are all so wonderful! Each and every one, charm, whimsy and magic. Thank you for sharing, they make me smile and dream.

  10. Anonymous25/9/09 21:40

    Hi Ruthie, hope your scans are going ok for you and you can get some help for your shoulder. Must be really difficult to cope with.
    You are such an inspiration with your blog and art and certainly shine through so much.
    Keep strong, your special!

  11. Hurry back,
    I liked the "treeish" things.

  12. I'm glad you are showing your work. Your trees are beautiful!

  13. Pamela Terry & Edward - thank you! i thought it was about time i did lol

    Delwyn - your words really touched me, this is what i am so striving for x x

    The Garden Ms S - dreams are so intriguing, it must have been very vivid for you to still remember it!

    Joanne May - thank you - i loove william morris & am very flattered x

    Jessie - ooh , how lovely to hear that! art nouveau too is an absolute fave of mine, though i dont intentionally set out to do work in that style x x

    dowhtayoulove - thank you, i am very lucky to be able to paint, get it from my lovely mom, i do think we all have some creativity inside us x

    Colleen Mulrooney - from inner gypsy to inner gypsy hello, lovely to meet you x i shall pop by for a visit very soon x

    agoldenfleece - thank you & welcome x

    Tammie Lee - you are very welcome x

    Julie-Ann - thank you for your sweet words, i am still waiting results!!! wow to hear u find my blog an inspiration, thats so lovely x x and very visa vera x

    kat_rn - thank you , as you can see i am back, but soon to be off again. i do love treeish things altogether!

    Isabel - thank you x x im trying to get braver about showing my stuff!!

  14. Ruthie they are wonderful.

    Love Renee xoxo


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