May 31, 2009

love, laughter & happiness . . .

just a puff of time since this same day last year
time filled with love & laughter & learning
back then, the opening of a new chapter in my heart
a chapter written of giving & growing
one year gently unfolding its days
days of findings & feelings & forevers
those 365 days, worth waiting a life time for . .
. . . so i am off to enjoy every minute of this special day of days
our very 1st wedding anniversary
back very soon for some catching up
x x x


  1. Anonymous31/5/09 02:07

    Oh Happy Anniversary! How wonderful! Congratulations :-)

  2. A very Happy Anniversary to you, my dear. Can you believe it, I will celebrate my 35th anniversary June 29? And my 60th birthday on June 25. I cannot believe that either is possible, because even with my knee problems, I in no way feel as old as those anniveraries make me!!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Ruthie & hubby and enjoy very lovely celebrations. LBx

  4. a very lovely tribute! Happy first Anniversary! May this be just the beginning of many long happy years.

  5. Ruthie,
    I just discovered your blog through Hermes. I have given you an award. Come to my blog and check it out.

  6. Congrats - and here is hoping for many more (what a great photo collage. Again. Of course. :-)

  7. hope you have a happy anniversary
    felicity xx

  8. Wishing you a lovely 1st Anniversary!
    Your photos told a beautiful story!
    best wishes!

  9. Happy Anniversary ... :0)

  10. I wish you the happiest of days!

  11. Anonymous2/6/09 05:40

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! and Happy Anniversary.

  12. momentsinaneye2/6/09 12:57

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and I am glad I did. Wonderful images.
    Thank you for letting me visit. I will be back.

  13. I've only just read this entry - congratulations on your 1st anniversary, I hope you had a very happy day.

  14. thank you all for those lovely congrats! sorry , i am never sure where to post replies, if i do it here on on others blogs???

    julie - how wonderful you have two exciting celebrations coming up!!

    splendid little stars & moments in an eye lovely to "meet" you & thank you splendid little stars for the award!!

  15. Happy Anniversary! Your photos are absolutely stunning.


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