April 05, 2009

a new tale . . .

i come across so many beautiful creations from artists near & far
whilst spending long moments researching for my work on the web
i have thought & thought & finally i decided - it really seems only fair
to share all that found loveliness, therefore i have created a quiet place
not so very far away where you can linger & gaze on those precious findings
i hope you enjoy them half as much as i. . . .
* * *
the quiet place. . . my other blog a-faerietale-of-inspiration
* * *
please feel free to take a peek & tell me your thoughts - they will be most welcome x


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, glad you liked my strange woodland beings. So glad I've seen your page now I love your kind of art, love fairies, dragons legends etc.My daughter bought me a calender with paitings by Susan Seddon Boulet and I just love it. Looking forward to reading through your blogs from now on

  2. Oh GOODY!!!!! Lots of lovely exquisite beauty for me to feast my eyes and soul upon. Thankyou Ruthie, I shall be an avid follower! :)

  3. Anonymous6/4/09 00:27

    I had such a wonderful, magical time just now visiting your other blog.
    Thankyou so much

    Thankyou also for visiting my blog :o)

  4. I have just had a quick visit to your other blog, what amazingly wondrous treasures you have unearthed!

  5. Hi
    Your blog is full of magic. Beautiful, keep up the good work.

  6. Oh, I cannot wait to see! I'm off for there now!

  7. Anonymous6/4/09 18:51

    These look awesome together. So amazing how beautiful your art is and then seeing them together ,just blows me away!

  8. I've had a quick look and have bookmarked the new blog so that I can take a long leisurely look later. It looks full of wonderful things.

  9. PS - I forgot to tell you that I love the banners on both blogs.

  10. Fabulous collection of treasures! You find just my type of lovelies!


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