March 02, 2009

time for reflection 2

... the very first time
in my whole 46yrs that i have spent
a stretch of days just me, myself, i
nothing but my own thoughts for company
with time . . .
time to paint on and on undisturbed

time to read for great long lazy stretches

time to eat when i wanted to eat
time to sleep (guilt free) for 14 hours solidly!
waking up to do it all over again
thank you Mr O for giving me
those wonderfully peaceful few days
how precious that was x
i wonder what precious "me" time others get ??


  1. I value my days when it's just me alone in the house, free to paint, free to think. I've spent most of my life bringing my children up and I still find it difficult justifying doing something I enjoy! I appreciate how lucky I am to have this freedom.x

  2. I'm all about personal time to do as I please. I often forego opportunities for overtime at work because there is so much of life I want to enjoy.It sounds like you know how to make the best of enjoying your time.

  3. Jessie, i know just how that feels, being a single Mum for the last 12yrs with my children now 26, 24 & 14 my me days have been few & far between - guilt at doing me stuff is a hard thing to put aside, but im getting there! Larry - its been a long time coming & im still learning!;-)

  4. Anonymous5/3/09 10:08

    Hi Ruthie, so love the close up of your beautiful very highly finished art.
    I am so glad you enjoyed reading the dreamy dreamer, So pleased you are like this too. I really feel we are such wonderful heart full and beautiful spirits! We are not in touch with our true being enough. Still we are there. Bless you so much and thank you!

  5. Anonymous6/3/09 04:46

    Personal time is such an important thing in our lives. We need to first and foremost always take care of ourselves, and when we do, we bring ourselves to a centered and healthy place in which we can best take care of those around us. I think its wonderful you got this time to do what you needed for yourself. I hope you get more chances to do this soon!

  6. That's a wonderful choice for a book. My book club and I loved "The Time Travelers Wife."

    This subject has always fascinated me.

  7. Sounds like you had a perfect day! I love that, defintely want to try a "me time" day! Like a little undisturbed holiday! Sounds bliss! :)

    I love how you took the time to photograph elements you loved and preserve the memories! :)


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