March 18, 2009

my unusual job

back to work tomorrow, my thursday/friday job
(explained a little here & here)
my favourite part - being asked to paint
someones beloved pet dog or cat
perhaps a prize ewe or bull even
(well..... we do live deep in the countryside!)
firstly i sketch from photos provided, just to give me a feel

sometimes it takes quite a few goes

some of the photos are hard to interpret!!
but when i finish painting on the stone
i know that my work will help the folk it was done for
allowing them to feel a sense of comfort & closure
strange to think that some of my work
sits in little quiet kirkyards of sw scotland
(please excuse the bad photography ;-( )


  1. Anonymous19/3/09 03:39

    That sounds like a lovely memoriam for the people. Beautiful!

  2. Truly such a special thing! And, so lovely.

  3. That's wonderful to be able to do that for people :) Lovely drawings!

  4. What a nice thing to be working on. :-)

  5. Very precious and so comforting.

  6. This is really cool. Your blog is such a nice read. thanks!

  7. It must be so rewarding to know the joy you bring to these pet lovers.

  8. I came across this post when I was also feeling privileged, but non-standard, about my job, which has recently expanded to include Tweeting in character as a dog! So, Watson the dog and I both love your paintings!


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