December 03, 2008

home again . . .

last week rushed puffing & painting in & out again
so very fast my cosy boots barely touched the floor
travels down to Bristol in all sorts of wintry weathers
for a long weekend visit to see lovely eldest daughter
lots of catch ups & cuddles, eating's in & out
river trips & sight seeings, present findings too
sad goodbyes, till Christmas, (not so very long to wait)
then it was back home through sleet & snow
waking bleary eyed to a world of white
sketched outside my window


  1. Oooo...looks cold and crisp!

    I'm still getting counselling from my stay in Dundee in 1980 when the indoor toilet froze. Scarred for life.

  2. Anonymous4/12/08 18:44

    Bristol - that's where I am! Is she at Uni?x

  3. gosh what beautiful visual pics of the intense cold....and it's so deliciously hot here. Great getting your comment on my "woodshed" still thinking....did a cob oven workshop, might make one in there just for the summmer!! Anne Michelle x


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