December 31, 2008

between the old & the new . . .

Christmas has tumbled past in a flurry of happiness & contentment
wouldn't it be lovely if i could catch those moments in a delicate snow globe
to give it a gentle shake every once in a while & glimpse the magic over again

and now, here i find myself in this familiar old place
this kind of waiting space between the old & the new
a time for quiet reflection . . .
. . . wandering back over the happenings of the old year
my mind pondering some bits & musing others pieces

this has been a truly different & very lovely year for me. my 5 most precious things this year are : i proudly married the very wonderful mr O. i was given such opportunity to start working for me doing what i love most. my lovely niece Lou got her new kidney & is doing just grand. my 3 are all healthy & happy, i can ask for nothing better and finally, i started blogging ! & this whole new world opened up before my very eyes. I have learnt a great deal this last twelve months and now i am looking forward to the start of another. great excitement always fills me as it fast approaches, resolutions are scribbled down, must do's & would love to do's. i am ready to roll, here it comes, tiptoeing around the corner, so i am away to spend the last of this good old 2008 remembering & reminiscing, dreaming & planning and just being oh so thankful
wishing you all a very wonderful New Year,
may it be all you hope for in your heart


  1. Thanks Ruthie. Very best wishes for 2009.

  2. Thankyou Ruthie for sharing your lovely blessings here with us :)
    Happy new year to you and yours, may the new year be filled with magic.x

  3. Happy New Year to you! x

  4. and a happy new year to you all, thank you for your lovely words, here's to a wonderful year ahead *ruthie*


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