November 19, 2008

Ritchie Collins rich colours . .

today i spent an oh so indulgent day wandering through local galleries
there i stumbled upon and fell in love with the work of Ritchie Collins
i just had to share some of his beautiful paintings with you . . .

such rich colour & touchable texture
the images conjure magical feelings

a scottish artist born & bred, Ritchie studied painting and illustration
"His work is influenced by the Scottish coast and wild countryside.
Celtic art, myths and Scottish folklore are a constant source of inspiration."

I love that he paints images from his dreams, his memory.
It seems i am drawn to colourful works more & more
as my own painting develops


  1. Oooh. Those are gorgeous! I love his colour combinations.

  2. Those colours and textures are to die for aren't they? Do you know the work of Francis Boag, another scottish artist, they remind me of his paintings :)

  3. Jess, thanks for that, i will go have a search for some of his work *r*


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