November 03, 2008

NUrturing heart & soul

The last week has gone and flown by so quickly
like the gentle puff of a dandelion clock
the pattern my life takes amazes me dailyi so unexpectedly found a long lost precious friend
& heard from my dearest oldest bestest chum at last caught up
with some of my lovely further afield family
shared delicious food, colourful stories
side splitting laughter & sweet memories
too many years gone by since we last did this
promises made to keep this up found myself out gently strolling with Mr O
in the glowing autumn sunshine
then stumbling upon such inspirations
for dragons (can you spot him above) & mystical creatures

learning to leave all the snaggy bits behind
life is to short & it is so tiring & negative

oh and i almost forgot
exciting news, an offer of shop space to show my work


  1. Congrats on the shop space! That is exciting.

    Your photography is so beautiful (what a terrific macro lense you must have, in addition to your good eye). I can't tell what the third one is however...?

  2. thank you Tara, My little camera, such a precious gift from my eldest daughter, its a little Olympus D-535, just a point & shoot really, but the has a fab super macro mode so i can get in really close to take pics of the details that i love. no 3 is the underneath of a fern leaf, showing the spores, i loved the colour combinations most!


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