November 24, 2008

new canvas

My research is all done, for my latest piece at least. As i gradually learn to slow down, i am enjoyed digging deep into nooks & crannies. Oh the fasinating books i have read, the things i have re-rediscovered - a love of the calligraphy & colours of the Lindisfarne Gospels , my fascination with iconography & medieval art (always did love art history at college), these and much more. Here is a page from my newly begun inspiration colour book , this page below to inspire . . .

. . . this canvas below. I showed the rough for this a few blogs ago & now feeling more inspired i am making progress and have begun the final BIG canvas. A new voyage of discovery of canvas & acrylics, they are as yet a mystery to me.

Another lesson that so needs re-learning, is to experiment, still having such difficulty in just letting go & exploring, there is still a little block in there somewhere, if i could only find it and fish it out. . . so today i started another, tiny, just for fun, faerieish type of canvas. . .

i have so very much to learn


  1. That's the secret...'just for fun'! It's so daunting to be faced with a fresh new canvas isn't it? I have to constantly remind myself to relax and play because that's when the best work emerges :)

  2. HI Ruthie,
    My name is Ruthie. I found your sight on Illustration Friday. I just had to write and say your artwork is beautiful! I read a bit about your journey back to your artself and I am too following a similar path. :)
    Way to go! Following your dreams is a priceless thing!
    As for as this post and "letting go" remember it took Picasso "a lifetime to learn to paint like a child" I think this is exactly what he was speaking of. The ability to just let go and be free, not worry about what others thought of the work and to be proud even if his "tree" looked more like a ink-splotch than a tree to anyone else :)

    Love you blog and hope its ok to add you to my favorites.. cant wait to see more of your journey!


  3. Oh, your 'inspirational color book' looks so yummy and ... inspirational! :-) I love collage books like that. I have a stack, but want to start actually incorporating them into my work.

    Which will entail, just as you pegged it - making time for exploration...

    Here's hoping for a shiny new year with which to learn new approaches to art and life!

  4. i see the need for exploration, playing & having fun with our work is something we all need, even though it is not always so very easy. so as Tara so perfectly puts it, here's to a new year full of all of those x *ruthie*


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