November 13, 2008

the letter P ~ painting, peonies, puppets . . .

i love shapes, sounds, words, letters
to say, to hear, to touch, to read
i find letters everywhere, see my pebble P
peace, painting, peonies, pre-raphaelite, paella
pegasus, pajamas, photography, plums, puddings
potters wheels, packages, puppets
words can paint such delicious pictures cant they . . .
what favourite p things do you love x


  1. I know what you mean about words......I just love the taste words make in my mouth when i say yummy and the rhythms and the sounds...delicious....there are a lot of Maori place names here that have that yummy taste but I don't know how to spell them.....have an excellent day.

  2. Primroses,peacocks,peaches,pink petals and pistachios.

  3. Hi Ruthie,
    Good afternoon form a lovely, sunny Kirkcudbright! It's such a small at times, isn't it? Thanks so much for 'popping across'!
    Thanks, as well, for your lovely comments about my little blog - I've never done anything like this before, and I'm a real technophobe, so this is a real achievement, and it's great to get encouragement.
    I absolutely love the title of your blog, and totally agree with these oh so very precious things, they are most important.

    Hmmm, I am going to think about my most precious P things, and post in a bit (Have to go to CD shopping!) But to start, my wonderful Partner, and my beloved Pussycats, ha ha!
    bye for now,
    Liz x
    I met Jackie in 1980 (Oh my goodness!) when we were little baby foundation students. She is the most wonderful, remarkable person, and I am not surprised she has become so successful, as she was always brilliant, as well as single-minded, determined and totally committed to her art.
    It's so exciting to have reconnected with her in "Blogland'!

  4. It would have to be 'Pip Pip's', this is our family name for slippers, because when my niece was a tiny little girl she couldn't say slippers and they became 'pip pip's'. xx

  5. Hello Ruthie, glad you got the books :)
    My favourite P word is Phantasmagoria :)
    Wonder if it's raining there like it is here...
    Cheerio :)

  6. Painting, planting, perambulating, and pcooking (the p is silent.)

  7. thank you all for your lovely comments, it intrigues me to know what a particular letter, word or image conjures in others as we all have such a different perception of this amazing world in which we live, i may just have to do this again!! *ruthie*


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