November 04, 2008

A wood turner in the making . . .

we are a lucky lot it appears
each member of my family has a gift
hands that work wonders, with paint, fabric, clay,
. . . i introduce you now to my other daughter, katie
her gift is working with wood
over the years she has quietly taking on challengesfound a passion for wood turning, beautiful pieces
set herself bolder & bigger projects

amazing me by designing & building her own workshop
. . . just like that!

not so very long ago in this corner of the world she became
the first female apprentice joiner in Dumfries & Galloway.
tomorrow we are off to sheffield for a few days (proud mum that i am - but i think its allowed) why? because tomorrow the 11th national APSE apprentice and trainee awards are being held down there and out of the 8 categories, my gentle lass is shortlisted down to the final 3 females in the Housing and building apprentice / trainee section. I am so thrilled.
my 3 beautiful, children each one so different, each one so precious
each with their own way of interpreting this world we live in.

Katie now has her own shop
Red Wood on Etsy


  1. The wonder of having such visually talented young people among us and to be a proud deserve to be.....

  2. Hi Ruthie I have tagged you just for a bit of fun, if you go to my blog it's all there in the latest post. Looking forward to seeing what you write....

  3. Oh Congratulations (to you and your daughter). How gratifying.

    These wood pieces are beautiful. That is one of the crafts that I have never come close to attempting.


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