November 05, 2008

Midnight skies & velvet quiet

driving home, tired thoughts & tummy rumbling
round the last corner towards our village, then . . .
look what i saw, i had to stop, step out of my car,
take a moment to breathe in the beauty of the faling evening
. . . this oh so quiet, stillness, depth of colour in the sky
frosty freshness i breathed in, soft bleating in my ears
i went on my way with calmed mind, my senses all sated


  1. Gosh your patience is impressive...I see the view and am practising slowing down cos I'm usually in a're an inspiration for me to slow down...

  2. Ah, look at the sky. That moon. (I love the silhoettes of the cows on the horizon :-).

    And, beautiful thoughts and prose.

  3. oh, wow. Looking through the window of your blog, I can feel the magik of this moment and the magik of an ancient land. Beautiful Blog, by the way, I shall be back.

  4. What a gorgeous picture!
    I love twilight.


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