November 10, 2008

bonfire night

I love our family bonfire nights  . . .
on saturday, after dark we gathered, family big & small

craggy bonfire built in the depths of grannies garden
cosy hats & gloves to hand, warm woollies & sturdy boots
brimming bowls of homemade soup to keep the chill at bay
marshmallows ready for toasting over the fire

when slowly but surely the heavens opened and my did it rain
strange lot that we are, most perceived, determined to the end
we still burnt our fire & set off rockets soaring into the rain
stood mesmerised by crackling fire & the warmth of the flames
the tiny sparks dancing up into the dark night sky
then inside we dashed to mugs of hot tea
steaming dry in front of the roaring fire
to much fun & laughter, i love our family get togethers
our belated 5th november, bonfire night celebration

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