November 11, 2008

distracting lovely things to do . . .

. . i am finding umteen other things to do
dreaming of beach combing for precious finds
like the delicate "pelican foot" shell up there

wishing i was out wandering the hills
picking little bundles of lucky heather
getting lost in the yummy books
that arrived from lovely rima ( thank you x)
when i should be finishing this ...
and this . . . .
and this, you know the one i started a few weeks ago!
its a terrible habit i have, if im not sure about a painting
i hesitate to finish, just leave it sitting there, waiting!
i so want this to be just right, for me


  1. I was thinking that as I find my rhythm I find the right time to do what is to be done and then it's always just your art work...I reckon trust your instinct cos i believe it is the centre of our soul where all creativity is born....

  2. Hi Ruthie, I haven't visited before. I found you through Karen's blog :) I love the close-up of the moon in this painting, hopefully those lovely books from Rima will fire enthusiam and inspiration!x


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