October 24, 2008

Getting over my artist's block!

Today i decided, enough is enough,  I need to get back to painting, no more procrastinating. The studio had been tidied within an inch of its life,  my art materials are placed just so,  my new notice board hung, filled with inspirations, and . . . . my mind has gone blank, when i sit down at my desk, can I come up with anything to draw? No, nothing, not a dickie bird, zilch!

For years, whilst working full time and  with 3 precious little ones, I found time to  sew, paint, garden, and making all-sorts.  Now I have time, lots of time to sit & explore all those avenues, and I  don't know where to start.  

So today,  I came up with a solution, I am going back to my college days.  So tomorrow, all weekend, I am going to get messy &  play! I realised today I have forgotten how to experiment.  On this new creative journey, I want to dig deep, peel off those long collected layers, go back to basics, re-discover my own style, the artist that I really am.  What will I create when it comes from my heart!

ps I would love to know how others get over an arty block!  

Have a wonderful weekend bloggers  x

These are smoe of my old teddy illustrations from long ago!


  1. reading your blog Ruthie, I would love to see a pic of your poised and ready studio, as I find myself nearing the same kind of situation...studio just able painted...bench and walls need their top coats and I am thinking about a notice board and examples of work that inspire me and I have a list of sorts of work I want to do...but underneath is the fear that as the studio is completed I will want to continue on my garden, my fence, my courtyard, my kitchen, my back porch, my paths, my bathroom....that's not even making space for the paperwork and the teaching and the house cleaning and the children......and then where is the time to do my artwork....but as usual the fear is just the fear and I know all these things will find their space and my artwork will be part of it all......thinking about your question of how others get over the arty block...I suppose I hold a question in mind, which I am finding answers to....which is how I worked when I was studying for my degree....for example, my question at present is, how are we sharing the meanings of language, and how is community created in this space....like we are sharing our meanings with each other as we blog and in this reaching out to each other, I see we create a sharing and in that sharing community is formed..I love that and I am looking at what this process is for me, and how to illustrate this process in words, paintings, illustrations, teaching and in my daily living, so I am bursting with ideas and ways of doing this with time speeding past, for there is so much I want to do and say.....my block comes when I need to rest and slow down so my intuitive nature and connectedness, which I think is to the universial purpose, has a space to have a voice and be heard..my block is the yelling needed to slow me down enough be able to listen to the world around me...I suspect this has been the major learning curve for me...in this space the colour of the flowers intensify and the birds' singing is at it's loudness and most beautiful, the whisper of the wind in the trees talks of the stories of the earth and the animals around me reveal their daily patterns and in this space of connectedness brushstrokes of texture and colour appear in my minds eye and my sense of me as an artist is affirmed and enlivened again almost like I have to slow down to create to open uop into a creative space...the other energy from work for others, children and house cleaning........hope this is of some help....just writing this out has pushed me past my fear again.....and I know I need to find that bunch of wild flowers for my studio to enliven and invigorate the space as their colour and texture are my inspiration...I forgot...the music is the other one....my favourite playing centers me too. Best of luck I am with you all the way....

  2. I planned to spend this weekend buying the final things for a submission i'm working on, Blank CDs, Mount Card, Stamps, but whilst on my wonderings I got sidetracked by the charity shops, possible fabrics I could use for brooches, the list goes on. So its only now 5.15pm! That I have finally made my way over to the studio, and look at me now!! Searching the web and blogging!

    But tomorrow! I will do art work, I will finish my application for the competition adn submission, I will take some pics for inspiration and I will use my new card making equipment. I'm blaming it on the weather, you can't work when it's sooo cold!

    Good luck!!!



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