November 21, 2008

Tranquility & time out

these things i love
* To be woken by early morning sunshine slipping through my windows
OO** Watching dust motes tumbling & swirling in golden beams of light
O** Slowing down and watching the world go by

* Spending time with my family ~ pure happiness
The picture above represents a moment of tranquility for me, bringing back such sweet memories of far off days. It shows my daughters & 3 of my nieces & me off walking through dappled woods - taken by my Mom.
Do you have a favourite picture or thought that makes you smile, feel warm inside?


  1. At the moment my warm and sustaining thought is a pending bowl of soup!

    But your list is good too!

  2. Hi Ruthie
    it feels like ages since I wrote a comment to you.....thankyou for your lovely comment about my painting purchase. it's so hot here now with summer fast approaching and so much to do with christmas coming. All is well and just so busy. i read your blog each day and smile looking at your pics and love your writings.....take care thinking of you.

  3. My warmest and fuzziest seem to center around my children - especially when they were tiny. (I keep trying to reassure myself that the connection is just as good, albeit different now that they are 'big', but it doesn't seem the same)...

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for your comment in my blog :)
    Thinking about the holidays makes me feel warm :) Love this time of the year!!

  5. What a lovely image! It would be one of my favourites too :)

  6. Lee - mmm cannot beat a hearty bowl of arming soup ( especially homemade)!!

    Anne - thank you so for your beautiful words. I find it so hard to imagine the glorious weather you are having, it is so very cold & grey here, snuggling cosy in front of fire sort of stuff. busy is good, take care x

    Tara - yes mine too! i never thought that one day (now) i would be sitting with my precious memories as my 3 go about their independant lives, i can only hope that i have given them the courage, the wisdom & the strength to be who & what they want to be. (and always be here for them when they need a hug, a tissue, a chat)

    Valentia - oh indeed, holidays do give a special warm feeling inside, 'specially christmas!

    Jess - there is nothing quite like it

    thank you all X *ruthie*

  7. oops - really should get used to reading what i write, always in a rush. Lee meant warming, though guess hot, hearty soup could arm us against the chilly weather! ;-)


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