October 26, 2008

i am at last remembering to take my camera wherever i go
even a quick , brisk, walk along a windy beach
reveals such delicate details
wonderful colour palettes
and perfect patterns


  1. Inspiring photos~
    and nice blog.
    Have a great week from another Virgo and artist in US.

  2. You take such beautiful photos Ruthie... in fact it's an all round beautiful blog :)

  3. These are beautiful. The diversity and richness of color and texture and pattern around us is amazing, isn't it? These are good reminders of that. Thanks for sharing.

  4. When I first saw the 3rd photo I was certain it was a fallen silk scarf - the pattern on the leaves are amazing. Is is seaweed?

  5. thank you to all so very much for your words of encouragement, it means so much x x

    Hayden, that is indeed seaweed! its amazing what nature can do, seeing things through the lense of my camera is really opening my eyes again, they have been closed to all this beauty for far to long, inward looking indeed x

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