September 23, 2008

hidden keys, rings & things. . . .

5 things i love

i love our scottish sunlight
the way it filters in through my windows
sometimes i creep after it as it moves from room to room
to sit in its golden warmth, curled up with a book
i love my rings, each holds delicious memories
all threaded onto the tiny wooden ring tree
my green eyed girl gave to me one day to make me smile.
the bottom two rings belonged to my sweet grandma, Mary Day
from whom i learnt my love of fairies, wild flowers, folksong . . .

i love old keys & collect them, imagine the stories they coud tell
Dad has discovered some beauties for me over the years
he found this tiny one at the art gallery
hidden & forgotten lying there between the floorboards
i love round things,
they have a habit of creeping into our wee house
such varied textures, patterns, colours
so tactile, and pleasing to my eye

i love bells, deep resonating ones,
like the village bell we hear ringing in the hour
small tinkling bells, like these tiny ones
once hung on my door handle, amusing little hands

. . . it works, as always. I feel much better now.
Its all about the little things in life.


  1. Anonymous25/9/08 13:53

    Oh how wonderful to discover your blog -I have just read it from beginning to present when I should really be working. I loved reading about this incredible journey you are on - one that I began myself only a short time ago. It also made me miss scotland ever so much. Originally from near Edinburgh I do have a dream to return and possibly live even further north somethime in the future.

    I do wish you a wonderful week.


  2. What delicious precious things you connect to and so beautiful to look at, to touch too. They have me thinking and appreciating that there are precious things in my own life. I wonder what they are....

    Thinking of you in your tiredness, stressness and sadness. I believe there is always an up after the down, I think we need all those feelings to be ready to appreciate the next instalment of our lives that always comes. Take care.


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