August 14, 2008

Precious Things.... the beginning

 I began my blog as a way to record a journey, the re-discovery of my creative self.
a self I do not yet know, the artist I wish to become.

I hope to share with others my "precious things" my thoughts, my inspirations.
There is so much inside waiting to get out and I long to capture those pieces of me
and to put them on to the page, where hopefully they will grow stronger. 

I have spent so long in the past losing the very essence of myself,
have fought with depression, with a life so hectic
“too busy, in a minute, tomorrow” were my mantras.

So I took the steps on a new journey of discovery.
I am learning to open my mind, my heart,
I am beginning to notice again the little things,
my eyes are learning to see, my ears to hear
my senses are becoming sharpened

My "5 precious things" have been the sunshine on my rainy days
the happenings I would write down from each day.
They gave me hope, made me smile
and are the reason why I named my blog as I did.
I still write my daily 5 precious things.

The journey so far, has been exciting, scary &bumpy, 
it has made me what i am today, this newly hatching creative self.
I am learning to  "be brave and hold my head up high",
to tell it as it is, believe in myself and just ..... let go!

This blog then will be my happy place,  filled with my precious things
past, present & future
with creativity, love, life, happiness & hope

Welcome x

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