August 30, 2008

Lizzie Farey Basket Maker . . .

creativity overflows
in this beautiful corner of the world
traditional & organic sculptural forms.
willow, birch, heather, bog myrtle
and other locally grown woods
Pussy-willow bowl
* * *
Lizzie Farey
Scottish basket maker
born in Singapore
now living & working in
Dumfries & Galloway


  1. stunning Lizzie..
    we love your work..
    mona & the girls
    hope u see some sun 2day

  2. Just discovered this lovely Pussy-willow bowl and this beautiful blog through Pinterest. I am delighted by everything I see here! I'm pinning this post to Pinterest to spread word of your wonderful work there.

  3. Blue Star vermont ~ thank you So glad you love Lizzies work.


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